7 Responses to Duck boosters hire roid rage coach to be face of UO

  1. Fishwrapper says:

    Ain’t the first time.

  2. not again says:

    How long will he stick around? Two years max?

  3. Come on people says:

    Are we all so bitter that we’re going to take one picture of a guy yelling on a football field and tell ourselves a story of what a demon he is? I get you hate football but he’s a real person.

    • uomatters says:

      Sorry, but while Duck coaches have millions to spend on PR flacks to promote themselves and their brain damaging sport, the UO Matters budget only covers cheap sarcasm and innuendo.

    • cruel irony duck says:

      I think a well-paid football coach can take an occasional light hit (pun intended), and I doubt he worries much about the opinion of this board.

      As for the face, I’m reminded of Tucker Carlson, who (though IMO a sharp populist essayist) has made a career of one or two trademark faces.

      I don’t watch regularly, but basically, he’ll let almost anyone on his show and give them 60-120 seconds to lay out their case uninterrupted. During this time, he furrows his brow and seems concerned, or even mildly appalled. And he gets paid boo-coo bucks for doing that.

      Doesn’t seem so different from being a football coach. Wish someone would pay me big money for pulling a face.

      (Also, they both have great hair!)

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