UO Board of Trustees to offer “aggressive” raises to faculty

Of course not, this is for the football coach:

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14 Responses to UO Board of Trustees to offer “aggressive” raises to faculty

  1. thedude says:

    What do you want to bet Cristobal’s raise rivals all of the faculty put together.

    What does that say about the revealed preferences of the UO trustees who basically are supposed to oversee and sign off on all of this?

  2. Fishwrapper says:

    Unconfirmed, but I like to chum the waters…

    On Sunday the work of the past few weeks paid dividends as Cristobal and several of his assistants will be joining the University of Miami, per a source close to the situation.

    Cristobal has not signed his new contract yet but is expected to make approximately $9 million per season at Miami and will get a budget that is competitive with other major college programs to be able to fill out his staff. That final detail was still being worked on as late as Sunday afternoon and was the only area of concern for Cristobal.


    • thedude says:

      Standard retention raise in CAS is 10 percent at most.

      • anon and on and on says:

        We had faculty leave in the last three years after being offered no retention counter-offer because “we’re not doing that, there’s no money.” So 10% would be downright generous in comparison.

        • cruel irony duck says:

          Is anyone here buying the “there’s no money” line? It doesn’t seem credible to me, but I’m happy to listen to the counter-argument.

          • anon and on and on says:

            I don’t think anyone does, especially not this bumper year, but that’s always the go-to. When shown that there is money, the response is usually “but that’s *different* money.” Accounting: the last refuge of auditors and scoundrels alike.

  3. Seasonal rant says:

    I dislike the practice of doing these career moves before the end of the college season. Not an expert, but seems like it can’t be good for the student-athletes as they enter their final games and try to get their final college career stats. As a couch potato fan (and otherwise serious UO community member), I’d rather enjoy the end of the season without knowing my coaching staff is completely distracted.
    Has any team done well once their coaching staff is known to be moving on?

  4. Newduck says:

    If I were one of the players I might suggest a boycott of this upcoming bowl. My condition to play would be that all university proceeds are equally distributed to the players and student managers. They can each sign a single t-shirt or release a non-Phil-endorsed NFT to keep on the right side of the NIL rules.