6 Responses to GTFF to hold socially distanced covid meeting with Pres & Prov, via bullhorn

  1. Dog says:

    Good, I applaud this kind of action and reaction to stupid policy.

  2. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    must be awfully interesting data for last week to discuss at the distanced mtg tomorrow, it’s already Tuesday but not posted. No doubt great numbers with which to deflate student and staff concerns. Maybe the news is so good they can’t believe it.

    • CSN says:

      Presumably the staff involved observed the holiday yesterday.

      …or they are just all out with infections themselves.

      • Trust Noone says:

        Updates *were* occurring during the week. Until the week of nearly 1K. Now ongoing updates are stopped.

  3. Dog says:

    page updated – reduced counts, showing a miracle ..

  4. Dog says:

    Of note – on campus cases are actually up – I think this reflects
    that ON campus students are under reporting and under testing – all the more reason not to have them in physical classes