Tool or School?

Looks like Matthew Knight Arena is going with Tool, in an Omicron superspreader event of the sort that leads to school closures. Not really a fan, but judging by WTP they are way more popular than Dana Altman’s Ducks:

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4 Responses to Tool or School?

  1. Dog says:

    Yes, a Stinkfist

  2. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    I really have to think they must be getting close to the edge. No updated case tracking graph on numbers Saturday, but they can’t hold off posting that stuff much longer, i.e. past late Monday. I looked in the window of a local bar Friday, was amazed at how cavalierly the students were packed in, no masks (since they were drinking), having a good old time, no distancing. No wonder the student case numbers are going through the roof. The staff numbers are getting worrisome, too, 21 in the first five days of the current week. At some point, things may break down, either too many students out to continue class, or too much staff illness, or both. At some point, a lot of staff, especially the older or those with vulnerable family, may just jump ship. The memo from the provost last week certainly was pretty awful, with the absurd specification about 20% student covid absence in order to go remote, the insulting order to immediately record classes that remain in-person. This rivals the gibberish coming out of the CDC, but without the obviously well-meaning tone of the latter. Talk about a tin ear or two at the top. Somebody give those guys some music lessons while they hire some PR help! The Tool may be Kool, but if they have to go remote AND have sponsored a superspreader, they will really look bad!

  3. Vulnerable Classified Staff says:

    Campus Glenwood packed mid-day last weeks. Not a mask in sight, because eating, of course.

    I have no doubt the student numbers are far higher than being reported.

  4. Heraclitus says:

    Does anybody know what’s so special about Row 11? Ya gotta *really* like Tool to pay that kinda money.