7 Responses to UO Administration shares stats on current covid variant vanquishment

  1. It's Classified. says:

    They should make it more clear which demographics they’ve started to exclude each week.

    • uomatters says:

      Pretty sure they don’t include faculty, even though you can smell their rotting bodies behind PLC office doors. (I guess it could be rats again, but they don’t smell as bad.)

    • honest Uncle Bernie says:

      Classified — can you tell us what you have in mind?

      • It's Classified. says:

        Employees who test positive off-campus have not been included for some time. I understand student numbers are increasingly under-counted. I do believe the numbers are decreasing, but not at this rate.

        • anonymouse says:

          I was told “Students testing positive do not need to report their status to the university. Only employees are asked to do so.”

          • anon says:

            A quick calculation indicates that just about 10% of UO students have been reported as testing positive in the first four weeks of winter term. As someone indicated, this might be an undercount. I wonder how 10% compares to other university percentages? Seems like a lot of collateral damage to me.

  2. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Am glad that the contagion seems to be receding — down by a factor of four from the peak.

    I do wonder at the fact that the total UO infection rate seems not so much different from Lane County as a whole. Is that because UO does more testing, or is it that vaccination just isn’t very effective at preventing spread of omicron?

    Or is it perhaps that college students are a “special” demographic?

    The staff infection rates do seem to be quite a lot lower per capita.