19 Responses to UO’s advanced classroom ventilation systems drive student omicron cases to zero

  1. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    An obvious triumph of advanced technology! Where did this brilliant innovation come from? An advanced Knight Campus project, perhaps? Maybe they will even get going with those portable filtration units they promised last term. I could use something like that in the large windowless classroom I’m going to soon. Really, there are some serious misgivings going around among at least some of the teaching staff. I know they don’t want to piss off the students. Maybe they should think about what it would be like to have to make do without staff. Just keep posting those up-to-date infection figures, so we can keep tab on things!

  2. cruel irony duck says:

    Too bad no link–I wanted to watch the fan turn.

    Semi-related: This video is great. The profanity is bleeped out, but even so, mildly NSFW. I’d take this guy’s course.


    • Dog says:

      yeah Ferris State University, known for its incredible academic standards and academic integrity …

      • cruel irony duck says:

        Academics at universities with courses having titles like “How to Watch TV” probably shouldn’t throw stones.

        Beyond that, what good are world-class academic standards when they come with world-class conformity? I wonder if the next generation’s great thinkers won’t come up from places like Ferris State. Or really, just autodidact on the internet. I’m rather mediocre, but if I were 16 today, I could not be bothered to sit through four/five/six years of classes…

    • Gen unXcellent says:

      OK Boomers…. this dood was like a few months short of riding his Boomer pension gravy train but couldn’t hold back his load….

      • just different says:

        I haven’t gone looking for the whole video, but supposedly it’s clearer that the guy was joking. He’s known for swearing at his students and he’s very popular. This is where social media gets us. Seriously, who cares?

  3. thedude says:

    Sadly simple interventions like this are being outdoors are often overlooked, while we overly rely on fancier contact tracing apps, or testing programs which in increasing studies are prevently minimally effective.

    Why is Asia doing way better with Covid? They probably invested a lot more in ventilation back with Sars.

    • just different says:

      Hmmm…..We also never hear about antivaxx or anti-mandate craziness being amplified by politicians or media in Asia. No “do your own research” rhetoric either. Maybe the two are related.

      • thedude says:

        Fair enough, but they also had way better outcomes pre vaccine availability, any way you could measure it.

  4. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Some insomniacal thoughts to start off the weekend — This article is a source of humor, but really, it’s pretty grim. I can get info about Lane County covid daily simply by googling covid. But nothing about UO since last Monday’s weekly compilation. Are they hiding good news? From what info available, I can guesstimate that the UO student case rate is about 6 times the County case rate. This in a student population that is highly vaxxed and presumably less contagious. I’m risking my health teaching these people in an apparently unventilated crowded room. Why? And why so much disease? Well, a peak into bars along 13th St perhaps provides part of an answer. Even the GTFF has more sense than the inept, dare I say corrpt, administration. Why are we putting up with this?

    • uomatters says:

      Honestly Uncle Bernie, you have so little faith in science. That is no mere fan – it uses advanced gonfleuritic technology, swinging back and forth like radar, searching out virons. When it detects one, the airstream blows it out of the room and into the classroom across the hall for someone else to worry about.

      • Dog says:

        and this, of course, is the reason that the fan is pointed mostly down at the floor. Those virons disperse themselves best when they hit the floor first.

      • honest Uncle Bernie says:

        Ah, yes, the gonfleuritic ultrahigh tech stuff — I had blocked that out of my memory — it was the hardest stuff in my postgonzo studies program — a nightmarish interlude of personal failure. I humbly acknowledge my error. And yes, blowing that shit down the hall is one of the secrets of UO’s success in amplifying infection rates to many times the rate of the surrounding community — the credit does not all go to our great local drinking holes. Now, if UO can only get the staff infection rate up to the admirable rate for students — its secret covid operation will be a complete, resounding success.

        • uomatters says:

          Important to keep the fan on high. If it’s low the virons are only stunned for a moment, and they come back even angrier.

  5. Old Gray Mare says:

    Ha! You scientists have electric fans. We humanists have to fold our own out of paper.

  6. Sick says:

    So, where are the numbers?