23 Responses to “UO’s layered approach to COVID-19 mitigation and preparedness has remained effective”

  1. honest Uncle Gangsta says:

    They really just said that? Are you sure? They must be out of their fucking minds! Schill is last from Chicago, right? Time to show a Chicago Teachers Union reaction. Show these bums the door!

  2. just different says:

    Someone should organize a weekly pool for guessing the case count. At least then we’ll look forward to seeing what it is.

  3. cruel irony duck says:

    1984 is certainly more important than any of the ephemeral dross UO has chosen in recent years for their common readings. There’s a reason why works survive over long periods of time, and why virtually all of what’s been produced in the last twenty years will soon be forgotten.

    If you’re not looking over your shoulder with a feeling of dread, you’re probably not paying attention. It will be far worse soon.

    • Heraclitus says:

      Clade was quite good, but it mysteriously disappeared from the common reading (still not acknowledged, I think) – as if climate change and respiratory pandemics were deemed too distressing for our customers, I mean students.

  4. XDH says:

    3.62% of the campus in the last week positive?!?!?!
    I fully expect to catch covid teaching this week…………

    • honest Uncle Bernie says:

      Maybe not quite so bad risk for you The count for staff was 29 out of about 5000 or 0.6%. These are the ones symptomatic enough to get tested, I would think. The real infection rate of course could be much higher, maybe 5x. Still, asymptomatic covid maybe isn’t so bad. Let’s hope it peaks very soon. Be sure to distance. Open the windows if you can. Obvious they don’t care about faculty much. We’re just like the grocery clerks and meatcutters. Lesson plan accomplished! I think I’d take the air at Mkt of Choice over the dingy classrooms I’m in. Fortunately, not all day long.

  5. 30% says:

    Case count in my class: 12 out of 44.

  6. New Year Cat says:

    Next contracts should all include some way for a strike when the administration makes decisions that are egregiously against the welfare of students, staff, and faculty. 982 UO cases? Over 18,000 Oregon cases? WTF.

    • Compulsory Pessimist says:

      If any contracts had a way to authorize a strike when the BoT or upper admin made decisions that were egregiously against the welfare of students, staff, and faculty we’d be on strike about 324 days per year.

  7. Leporillo says:

    Wondering how long it’ll take to see the Tool spike? Allowing that concert to proceed was, possibly, their most craven money grab.

  8. 34% says:

    Case count: 15 out of 44

  9. Sperry says:

    Credit where credit is due — It’s now Thursday 1/13, and the case counts on the UO Covid Dashboard have not budged since Monday 1/10. Only 2 cases so far this week, with none among the students! Clearly the university is doing everything right to keep Covid at bay. (Unless, of course, this is just an amateurish and craven attempt to hide just how bad things are on campus, but surely they wouldn’t do that, would they?)

    • Curious says:

      Layered approach to mitigation. The newest layer is data suppression.

      Seriously…anyone knows why this week’s data isn’t being posted?

    • Dog says:

      Indeed, this seems to be quite correct. As of Jan 12, Lane county had a 7-day average of 543 new cases a day. Clearly with only 2 new cases in the UO community over the last 3 days, then simply stepping on to UO campus property is the best vaccine there is …

    • honest Uncle Bernie says:

      I see how you would be that suspicious — but you know, I don’t think they are hiding this stuff by design — they just don’t realize how intensely people are interested in this information — and they don’t care. They just don’t care enough to keep the damn info up to date. It’s part of their arrogance and tone deafness. They just don’t care. If a bunch of us were to walk — I’m not advocating that — it would get their attention.

      • Dog says:

        if we walked it would get nobody’s attention; we are all spreadsheet pawns that can be easily replaced with another name; it has been made clear that we have no intrinsic value to the institution.

  10. Are You Kitten Me? says:
  11. cruel irony duck says:

    Noting that the Supreme Court just blocked the OSHA vaccination mandate. (In order words, as many thought, it’s illegal.) I don’t think that means UO is required to drop their mandate, but I’m not a lawyer. In any case, much of the damage is already done.

    Since UO has vax card pictures, it would be interesting to study what effect the mandate had at UO. That is, the proportion of vaccinations that might have been due to the mandate itself.

    • cruel irony duck says:

      In an email just now, the administration has apparently extended the deadline from Jan 14 to Jan 31. At this point, it seems like they’re just f***ing with us.