14 Responses to (reported) Weekly Omicron cases decline again

  1. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Well, it’s a positive, i.e. declining trend. The employee stats are about unchanged. I would sure like to see the weekly employee numbers go from about 20 back to 2. It’s clear that a lot of the students don’t give a damn, while many do and are horrified at their fellows. I do not like the attitude of the top administrators. I hope they don’t expect good will from the faculty after this.

  2. withheld says:

    I am teaching a class with ~ 100 people. I have had a constant stream of emails about positive COVID/exposure/symptoms. At least 20 emails claiming positive COVID tests.

    JUST FRIDAY FOR THE FIRST TIME, Corona Corps tells me someone in my class tested positive. From this I infer: either student claims of COVID are not to be believed, or students have COVID and are not reporting. Or both. If I can say 20 positive claims and 1 reported COVID case, then we can infer a ratio of 20 cases to 1 reported. Either way, the tracking of this lacks any amount of believability.

    • thedude says:

      Some definitely are lying.

      I know someone who taught a class of a 100+ last year, and 30 students claimed an infection last year, which was completely BS in the fall.

      But not much you can do about it and too costly to try to verify them all.

    • honest Uncle Bernie says:

      witheld — I got my first notice from corona corps a couple days ago — the reporting to us is a shambles — dare I say bs? — wtf is wrong with these people? I mean at the top, not the underlings

      • Dog says:

        this could be all just logistical incompetency; the same reason why our classroom technology is far from what is needed these days, especially for remote sessions.

        • Heraclitus says:

          On technology: we could start by having functional dry-erase markers in rooms with whiteboards. After that we could think about moving onto all the fancy computer stuff. Just one crazy idea from left field.
          Of course my kids’ poverty-stricken rural school had digital whiteboards 10 years ago, but that’s just a dream for us.

          • It’s every instructor for themselves! Markers

            • Heraclitus says:

              I’m gonna get me some of them ‘permanent’ ones. I hear those are much easier to use. Maybe I’ll get gold and silver too just to be fancy.

              • Anonymous says:

                My classroom has chalkboards. And I have to buy my own decent quality chalk because the stuff they provide is too faint to be seen in the back.

          • Dog says:

            In March of 2020 I gathered a lot of information for the CAS administration about the kinds of technologies needed for
            better remote instruction as well as the kind of technologies needed for the “hyflex” classrooms.

            The major piece was a network shared digital whiteboard – commonly used in the commercial world.

            Of course I was just laughed at.

  3. Not This Dude says:

    If these numbers are to believed, UO is ahead of Lane County, Oregon, and everywhere else US (?). Because UO is so excellent? Knowing that people getting tested and self reporting positive COVID test is, particularly among the student population, a tad less than aligned with reality. What a cynical joke perpetuated by our cynical top administrators.

    • thedude says:

      It would make sense we’re ahead of lane county because we’re 97% vaccinated + large fraction boosted. So we would reach the new herd immunity needed for Omicron sooner than the rest of the state and many other regions.

      There’s also several other regions in the US already showing downward trends, and our cases might reflect the date the test was done whereas state level data often reflect when the result is done (introducing a lag of 2-7 days).

  4. NJ says:

    I had two students test positive last week and some the week before but have not received any notifications this term. There used to be an easy-to-find link for faculty to report when a student told you they tested positive. That link is gone now (or at least I can’t easily find it after searching around for a bit – it was easy to find last term). I also can’t find the link that used to be there for students to self report an at-home or non-university test result (but maybe I’m missing it). Consequently, I just don’t believe our posted numbers at all.

    • Skeptical says:

      Did the students inform you they tested positive? Did the students report this to UO? Did the students get tested at a “UO approved” testing site? If “no” to either of the last two questions, they will not be counted in totals or, I suppose, have their status relayed to their instructors.