8 Responses to Covid is so over at UO

  1. It's Classified. says:

    Just in time for Spring Break and another surge!

  2. honest says:

    you need to post the actual chart for this week!

    as for it being over — don’t count on it.

    • uomatters says:

      Thanks, apparently the administration’s definition of 2/20 is somewhat flexible.

    • well, here we go again... says:

      Yesterday: *have to wait for someone to do a thing, chatting with other workers and agreeing about why it’s important to maintain masking even as the mandatory precautions lose government backing*
      Today: *news mentions an Omicron sub-variant that looks like it’s worse for humans in terms of transmissibility, severity, and capacity for breakthrough cases (yes, breakthrough less severe, but still plus one chance to mutate again)*

      Oh joy, a trend downward for a few weeks. Aw geez, where have we ever seen this suddenly pull a 180 before? I’m certainly not remembering July, when we lifted mask precautions before and then Delta made a mess like 5 minutes later.

      Keeping this up while everyone else is so eager to get rid of precautions (then get surprised all over that numbers went back up) is getting tiring, especially for those of us with fewer degrees of separation from the involuntarily vulnerable groups (so, not anti-vax, but underlying medical stuff).

  3. Dog says:

    Can any faculty out there attest that this “overness” is reflected
    in increasing classroom attendance?

    • adopted handle says:

      Can’t attest to that, but the parking lots are more full.

    • Heraclitus says:

      Not sure I can attest to the omicron spike being responsible for increasing Zoom attendance over the last few weeks.

  4. Unexcellent. says:

    I find it interesting that my student athletes are unable to attend campus AFTER their competitions until a negative COVID test, yet they are able to compete without taking a COVID test before. You can figure out why.