Massive strikes at UK universities over ‘unsustainable’ working conditions

From Nature (thanks to a generally reliable correspondent):

… Staff risked their personal safety to teach in person during the pandemic, and many have reported frequently working weekends, says Jo Grady, general secretary of the UCU. “The fact that we love what we do makes us easily exploitable,” adds Leach. …

And while thee proposed 23% pension cuts are much smaller than what’s already happened at UO (Oregon PERS Tier 1/2 payouts have fallen from 100% of final pay to 50%), at least the Brits are transparent in officially calling their retirement plan a “Super Scheme”:

… The row is likely to escalate further. On 22 February, the board that oversees the pensions scheme at the heart of the debate — the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) — voted to ratify proposed cuts and reject a UCU counterproposal. This led to warnings from the union to expect further action, including a marking boycott. The UCU estimates that under the USS plans, an average staff member will see a 23% cut to their retirement benefits. However, calculations by USS employers suggest the reduction will be more modest, at around 10–18%.

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3 Responses to Massive strikes at UK universities over ‘unsustainable’ working conditions

  1. Dog says:

    The PERS situation has come up before and the way it is consistently being presented by UOmatters is misleading.

    1) YES pers pension have fallen

    2) As of 2004, PERS is not the only thing as there is now the IAP fund which is available. So after 2004 the graph should be PERS + IAP and that makes the “replacement” percentage a lot higher.

    3) In addition, for academics on a 9 month salary, since pers pension is distributed all 12 months, it has never been clear
    what “replacement salary” actually means and how is it calculated?

    In my own case, PERS + IAP will increase by academic 9 -month salary by 5K (net!) a month and I think that is pretty good – might even be good to retire, especially now

    • uomatters says:

      Thanks Dog, sadly I’m in ORP so I don’t have a canine in this fight. What % of that will be IAP, if you don’t mind me asking?

      • Dog says:

        For me,

        I get a net (after tax) PERS Tier 1 payment of X.

        With the IAP on top of that, X goes to 1.4 X – so this
        is significant