CAS Dean finalists span the diversity gamut from A to D

Rumor down at the faculty club is that JH has decided we can’t keep the current Interim Dean because what with our Provost and President, white males are already over-represented in UO’s senior leadership. Here’s hoping the winner negotiates a large cut in the subsidy CAS is paying to prop up our law school, before accepting the job:

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18 Responses to CAS Dean finalists span the diversity gamut from A to D

  1. Dog says:

    asshole to dictator?

    angelic to divine?

    agitator to delusional?

    I love this secrecy, makes anything possible to the moment of reality …

    • uomatters says:

      You heard it here first: Dog is candidate D

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah that’s right I promise to

        a) get rid of departments and replace them with interdisciplinary programs

        b) put a CAS tax on all athletic donations to help pay for these interdisciplinary programs

        c) significantly ramp up the undergraduate research program along the lines of the University of Delaware highly successful model

        d) fail at all of the above

  2. UnExcellent says:

    I stopped paying attention awhile ago. At some point we had a Provost hired after a national search. He seemed intelligent, sensible, and had a good sense of humor. Naturally, he got axed and Phillips was appointed Acting Provost (or was he direct to Provost?). Now he is Provost. When will there be a national search for a Provost?

  3. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    well, I have a solution: our white male president and provost can graciously yield their apparently ill-gotten positions.

  4. Hopeful says:

    Anybody would be better than the “accountant” who is warming the chair. CAS need someone with vision and brain. God help us.

  5. white guy happy to not have another white guy running cas says:

    How about white males are grossly over-represented in CAS leadership? Pretty sure that the interim Dean, who personally selected two of the current three, had a role to play in that.

    Here’s a fun trivia question: When’s the last time a woman of color held a leadership role in CAS? Answer: never.

    • Slowly Boiled IT Duck says:

      My first boss was a black guy. My second boss was a black guy. One was a hardcore racist, one was chill. I’m a white guy. Honestly, never thought about it that much, because a few decades ago, race and gender didn’t matter that much, at least in flyover country.

      Now, though, yes. I’m aware that the color of my skin, and to a lesser degree, my gender, matters more than anything else about me at the University of Oregon.

      I’m appalled at this place.

      Interviewing now, and gone soon, I hope. So celebrate–one less white guy.

      • UO, literally the definition of systemic says:

        LOL, surprised you didn’t lead with ‘some of my best friends are black people’. “Race and gender didn’t matter much…” as long as you were/are a white guy. You just don’t get it, but don’t worry, I’d be very happy to suggest some good CRT background reading before you head off to FL or TX.

        • just different says:

          So glad somebody else said it. I have incisor marks on my tongue.
          Once again, it comes down to the hiring. All the mandatory trainings in the world won’t fix this. And it ain’t about “politics.”

          • Slowly Boiled IT Duck says:

            That’s one thing we can agree on. In fact, not only do mandatory trainings not help–they’re actually counterproductive, assuming the goal is to change minds. (There are some studies, but really, does anyone need to be told this?)

            It’s like “defund the police”. The question is not what one might wish would work. The question is what will _actually_ make things better in the real world. Black Americans are paying an awful price right now due to this equivocation.

  6. oldtimer says:

    The posting exchanges above are all too characteristic of how much social media has made us Al increasingly stupid, at least in the sense described in the Atlantic piece linked below
    One set of postings implies that only race and gender matter.
    Another set implies that race and gender hardly matter.
    Both sets are wrong, and neither set takes the time to really understanding the other. Just sad. guess I’ll retreat to nostalgia and ‘get together’ by the youngbloods.

    • nostalgia is great if you're an old white male, otherwise, not so much says:

      If you’re sad oldtimer, maybe your tears should be aimed at the owner of this blog, since he’s the one who’s post was designed to place the blame on admin by cutely claiming that if it wasn’t for the fact that our current Dean is a white male that he’d be keeping the job cause, you know, all white male economists have to stick together.

      The problem with the whole ‘we should just love each other’ social media is bad blah blah is that guess, what if you were not a white male our culture (at UO if not the fly over states) sucked long before UOMatters or social media existed. But you’re right, neither is gonna fix it either.

    • just different says:

      Literally no one says or believes that “only race and gender matter.” Maybe you were just trying to instantiate your thesis about increasingly stupid, low-trust discourse?

    • Slowly Boiled IT Duck says:

      That Atlantic article is probably the best thing I’ve read this year. (I almost posted it here myself.)

      And yet, Ecclesiastes gnaws at me:
      “Say not thou, What is the cause that the former days were better than these? for thou dost not enquire wisely concerning this.” (Eccl. 7:10 KJV)

      Same as it ever was.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The first two packets are up –

    Cover letters and Vita