Duck Football brings UO more free publicity!


… According to the lawsuit, Taggart told players when he was hired that he and the new coaches were going to focus on discipline in strength and conditioning and that they were “going to find the snakes in the grass and cut their heads off.”

The document states that the workouts took place every morning on four consecutive days, and Brenner was in a group that began at 6 a.m. The lawsuit states that Taggart and Oderinde didn’t review the training program with the school’s sports medical staff, and Oregon failed to require them to do so.

According to the document, the workout lasted for 60 to 90 minutes, and the staff “did not make water available in the workout room for at least the first day of the workouts.” The lawsuit also states that about 40 players in each group had to do “10 perfect push-ups in unison,” and if one of the athletes was out of sync with the rest or failed to use perfect technique, all of the players had to do up-downs and start the drill over.

The lawsuit contends that over several days, “student athletes vomited, passed out, or collapsed during the workouts.” It says that Oregon’s medical staff “acknowledged that the workout went beyond the student athletes’ natural limits after the first day, but rather than stop the workouts, university staff brought in oxygen tanks on the second day.”

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12 Responses to Duck Football brings UO more free publicity!

  1. Gangsta says:

    But how else were we gonna win the national championship?

    • uomatters says:

      I believe they call it “The Natty”, professor.

      • Gangsta says:

        Oh yeah I remember when they invented this “the Natty” ersatz charming tradition. And people picked it right up.

  2. cdsinclair says:

    From the front porch of our university you can (checks notes) see how we push our athletes bodies so hard that they destroy their kidneys!

  3. Dog says:

    Yes I routinely fail groups of students that can’t do 10 manly pushups in unison …

    water, water, we don’t need no stinkin’ water

  4. moss defender says:

    I miss Taggart joy riding around with a major police escort entourage while trying to lure in local high school recruits…….what do the coaches do now to show the duck pride swagger ? show up on a few of those electric scooters ? Its all downhill since the Blount Force Trauma days…the kids over at body spray high are truly lost

    • uomatters says:

      It’s true, the glory days of the Duck Athletic Department are fading fast. It may be years before Rob Mullens can find another coach willing to give our student-athletes rhabdomyolysis.