Pres Schill caves on “Teaching Professor” honorific

The faculty union first brought this modest request to the table pre-pandemic. Our administration – led by a full professor who never even passed the prelims – has now caved on the title, but not the substance. From the UAUO bargaining news, which contains much more info:

As in past bargaining cycles, some of our most fundamental disagreements at the table revolve around working conditions and protections for Career and Limited Duration faculty. Several of these came to light in this session, including in the administration’s counter on Academic Classification and Rank (Art. 15). We are happy to report that admin agreed to the “Teaching Professor” category, despite having previously balked at attaching “Professor” to the titles of even our most accomplished Career faculty. Unfortunately, their acceptance of the title was not accompanied by any enhancements in job security, and their proposal instead reasserted their concept of an honorific program that is fully controlled by the Provost and lacks any faculty input or peer review.

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8 Responses to Pres Schill caves on “Teaching Professor” honorific

  1. Let's stay in the lane says:

    That’s nice, but Union, where are the historic union fundamentals? Salary and benefits. Regular raises with COLA and merit.

  2. Dog says:

    Schillips – the HONORIFIC presidvost

    • honest Uncle Bernie says:

      presidvost? sounds like a steroid or something.

      how about provodent? now that’s less threatening — like a toothpaste or something — in fact it sorta resonates with “provident.” More in line with the fat harmless looking Duck than that Killer Duck.

      • Dog says:

        because the president is higher up than the provost and therefore comes first – don’t you know the hierarchical rules of nicknames …

        • honest Uncle Bernie says:

          I know, I know, you are right — but this is Oregon — no hierarchies here! At least we pretend ….

  3. Jane Rock says:

    The Institutional Administrative Professors should also be acknowledged in this way–they already hold substantial power over the professoriate. I propose that they receive this title–as long as they respect a moratorium on emails of any kind for one year.

  4. Call Me TP says:

    I’ve advocated for this title for some time as a replacement for Senior II, which takes approximately 12 years to achieve. But without meaningful compensation and the like, it seems like agreeing to the job title change would be a PR win for admin but not great for faculty. As Career faculty earn promotion, their salaries become even more askew from promoted assistant profs. Perhaps a job title change could lead to a better bargaining position in the future but I am skeptical. You can call someone a teaching professor but of you still treat them like toilet paper is that progress?

    • uomatters says:

      In economic theory this is known as “Money Talks, Bullshit Walks” or Axiom I.