Smoke your O at the Phildo

The Olympic torch lighting signifies the start of the games, but when track and field events are underway for the World Athletics Championships this summer at the University of Oregon’s Hayward Field, a new tradition will spark. The tall tower outside of Hayward Field, long called the “Phildo,” will be lit by officials to indicate the start of track and field events but also to celebrate Eugene’s economic driver: weed. 

Officials say the “Hayward Joint” will wrap the community together and help students save on weed money so they can pay for tuition. 

“We’ve all shared a marijuana cigarette with our closest school chums, but the Hayward Joint will ensure, as the kids say, no one will bogart this baby,” says UO President Michael Schill. “Rather than throw our O, I figured we should smoke our O, too.” …

[From the EW, here.]

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7 Responses to Smoke your O at the Phildo

  1. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Ah, yes, I’ve often heard UO administrators wax eloquent about what a draw the Eugene weed scene is to parents trying to decide where to send their kids — to give them that leg up in life and learning.

  2. moss defender says:

    a major aesthetic issue is the big new tv and looming graphic on the back….a view of Spencer’s butte was better…there is a special place in hell for the Toon Town urbanist sharkitect imagineers who created that huge mostly plastic monstrosity….the plastic fields at 18th and Agate have always reeked and now this… many tons of vinyl has UO utilized starting with Joey H in NYC to promote the angry face super-sized O heroes so far….worst organization ever ! how many tons of plastic built the new Hayward ? the old facility had style

    • honest Uncle Gangsta says:

      But at least they’re bringing the national championships home in this new age! We wouldn’t want the Ducks to be like Kansas with its antiquated Allen Fieldhouse, would we?

    • Ticai says:

      That’s an unfair comment. The UO has shown time and again of being committed to the environment. Just look at all the great greenwashing articles in AtO. So many good words on sustainability!

      • Old Gray Mare says:

        Consider the tons of concrete being poured in the quad south of Johnson. Nothing like paving paradise.

        • Dog says:

          ah yes, UO campus grounds = paradise,
          how could I and Milton have been so

        • Slowly Boiled IT Duck says:

          For the heathen, this is a reference to a Joni Mitchell song.

          Beyond that, I’ve not been to campus lately. Are they paving over the Pioneer Woman? And maybe the Pioneer Cemetery, too? Will they at least save the trees for a tree museum?