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Gloomy Phildo looms over poorly attended Prefontaine track meet


  1. vhils 05/30/2022

    1) worlds coming took away both audience and athletes
    2) rain – old grandstand besides being ‘historic’ also made a very good umbrella, not so much now.
    3) tix prices

    The first two are out of the organizer’s control but the last one, they better figure out or they’ll always look like this or worse. Portland Timbers had a 10-year waiting list for seasons tickets until they built a big fancy addition and started charging $$$ prices to pay the bill. Now anyone can get a ticket if they’re willing to pay the price, but they’re not.

  2. Anas clypeata 05/31/2022

    Ticket prices used to be very reasonable, and they included the Friday night “preview” (or that night was free of charge, I forget which). Now they want to charge you for each “day” of competition, even though the whole meet is shorter than a normal one-day meet, and the prices are very high.

    And the comment about the rain is spot-on. The old stands had a lot better rain and sun protection.

  3. just different 05/31/2022

    What everyone else said, and it’s not like the Pre doesn’t get plenty of attention anyway.

  4. Mike 06/01/2022

    Waiting for either the Postfontaine or the Frank Fontaine, myself.

  5. eugenenative 06/03/2022

    I grew up in Eugene, and as a kid attended the ’72, ’76 and ’80 OT’s (along with countless AAU, NCAA, Pac-8 meets). As an adult attended ’08, ’12 and ’16 OT’s. Not going to be attending the World Championship meet. Nike’s corporate corruption is in every molecule of that new edifice, and I can’t enjoy a track meet with a sick stomach. Will catch some of it on TV.

  6. Confused 06/06/2022

    Still trying to figure out why a guy who killed himself driving drunk is an icon…

  7. Gouged 06/09/2022

    They’re charging way to much for tickets in a half empty stadium. Met a small town Oregon mom who struggled to pay the high price of going to her son’s high school championship meet. She said the stadium food was outrageous too.

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