Dan Altman’s Ducks bring more glory to UO

While UO General Counsel Kevin Reed has bragged about his ability to “handle with success” problems such as the rape allegations that have bedeviled Altman’s teams in the past, there’s no hiding the Academic Progress Rate of Altman’s team relative to the rest of the PAC-12, released today by the NCAA:

Arizona State: 1000
Stanford: 998
Arizona: 990
USC: 988
Washington: 987
Cal: 970
Washington State: 970
UCLA: 969
Oregon State: 960
Colorado: 956
Utah: 955
Oregon: 948
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2 Responses to Dan Altman’s Ducks bring more glory to UO

  1. Much ado… says:

    Roughly all of five percent difference between top and bottom, with many background factors at play, transport portal etc. But hey, anything to dump on Altman?

  2. uomatters says:

    Let me put it in terms you can understand, sport. He lost to the Beavers.