10 Responses to Diversity VP won’t do her job, so Provost Phillips is hiring a second one

  1. thedude says:

    How does UO improve diversity, inclusion and faculty morale which appear to be low based on the recent survey?

    Hiring another vice provost of something….

    • uomatters says:

      If that doesn’t work, maybe more implicit bias training will solve the problem!

  2. cdsinclair says:

    We need an Office of the Vice Provost and Vice President of Faculty Morale (reporting directly to the President of course). Given the scope of the problem there should be at least three deanlets in the office (in addition to the dean of course). Maybe the university can fundraise for a new building for these deans. We need more administrative buildings on campus! Probably best if these folks are all white men.

  3. even my honest uncle would not say this in public says:

    More flailing in the DEI blackberry patch after the ungodly spell of rain. It is interesting to me that a not inconsiderable portion of colleagues, especially younger ones, privately see the DEI business as dishonest in many ways, causing lots and lots of damage to various groups, including the groups it is purportedly designed to help. For example, pain at having to flunk beginning students, here in good faith, but manifestly underqualified, some of whom undoubtedly are already shackled — what a way to put it — with student loans that they will be hard pressed to pay back. All in the interest of making privileged people feel good, and signalling virtue, and at the same time filling the university’s parlous coffers for a time, whilst pissing off half (or more) of what’s left of our country.

  4. Glenn says:

    Roland Fryer: “It’s time for data-first diversity, equity, and inclusion.” Fortune.com. June 20, 2022

    • honest Uncle Bernie says:

      Are you Glenn Loury? He is a fan of Roland Fryer. Check him out at his substack. He also has weekly recorded interviews, accessible at his substack, that are very interesting. He is a real iconoclast, which makes him fun to listen to. He must drive people crazy, as you will understand immediately.

      • just different says:

        Getting suspended without pay for mutiple instances of sexual harassment and being banned from advising grad students does tend to leave one with a lot of time for substacks and podcasts.

        • honest Uncle Bernie says:

          nice work if you can get it, no doubt. I wonder how he gets away with it. But, I was impressed with his work long before I heard about his other alleged antics.

        • honest Uncle Bernie says:

          I just came across this: help wanted ad to work with Roland Fryer at the Manhattan Institute. I guess he is keeping out of trouble while idled at Harvard. Perhaps UO Economics can promote one of our students!


  5. Glenn - not Loury says:

    Ad hominem as far as this discussion goes.

    But yes, Fryer is controversial. Glenn Loury and John McWhorter have a podcast on the Fryer controversy. NYT reported it–with an interestingly soft conclusion. There is also a Quillette article. And others. It’s also important to point out that Fryer has great analyses of police shootings–that go against the tide of popular opinion. He is not exactly popular with the media. His work, though, is first-rate.