Musical Deans

From Around the 0:

Bruce Blonigen, currently the interim Tykeson Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, will take the helm of the Lundquist College of Business beginning July 15, serving a two-year appointment as dean.

The current dean, Sarah Nutter, has decided to return to the faculty after serving as Edward Maletis Dean of the Lundquist College of Business and professor of accounting since 2017. In an email to campus announcing the changes, Provost Patrick Phillips said he appointed Blonigen after consulting with Lundquist College faculty and staff, as well as other stakeholders.

Blonigen has been at the UO for more than 25 years and has served in various leadership roles, including department head in economics, associate dean for social sciences, dean for faculty and operations in the College of Arts and Sciences, and interim dean of the Lundquist College of Business.

“A capable and experienced administrator and mission-driven leader, the tenure of this appointment will allow Bruce to bring his strengths to bear in fostering a positive and inclusive work and learning environment within the college, ensuring successful faculty recruitment and retention, and working collaboratively with my office to advance the university’s goals through his strategic leadership and effective advocacy,” Phillips said. “This firsthand experience in LCB will no doubt help him as he returns to serve as dean. He brings a measure of familiarity with the college’s faculty and staff, culture, academic offerings, and budget.”

Nutter is returning to her faculty roots as a professor in the School of Accounting. Phillips said that under her leadership, the college and programs have undergone reaccreditation and broadened their international recognition. She has guided the implementation of new software and organizational and financial structures that have greatly improved administrative function and leaves the college in a very solid position for the next phase of development of the college.

“I am grateful to Sarah for her leadership,” he said. “Throughout her time as dean, including critical leadership throughout the pandemic, Sarah has shown keen dedication to the experience and success of our students and has been a strong champion of the college. Thanks to her leadership, the LCB jumped to its highest national ranking yet.”

Phillips appointed Karen Ford, dean for faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences, to serve as acting dean until September when the new college dean, Chris Poulsen, begins.

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7 Responses to Musical Deans

  1. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    The disaster bus just keeps on rolling along, changing drivers at various stops.

  2. Slowly Boiled IT Duck says:

    “From Around the 0:”

    I see what yOu did there…

  3. Person says:

    Nutter has been on [ ] leave since October and her house has been on the market since early May. Pretty sure she doesn’t live in Eugene and fairly certain she isn’t joining the accounting faculty at UO.

  4. Townie says:

    At the University of Alberta they reorganized their faculties, and now business, law, and the arts and education are under the purview of a single dean

  5. thedude says:

    The admins have figured out switching jobs gets you another raise.

  6. vhils says:

    Tykeson = disaster and admin bloat

    Dept budget sweep = take from peter (depts) to pay paul (provost and dean’s own projects)

    CAS Staff centralization = disaster and admin bloat on the way

    Blonigen = UO Dean for life aka until he leaves in a year or two to become a provost at some podunk college on the basis of his ‘mission-driven’ leadership successes

    And from UO Matters on what matters…crickets, cause you know, gotta stick with your own kind.

  7. Treeluvr says:

    I wonder if the incoming CAS dean knows about this blog yet and gets how cynical and depressed so many of us are. Or cares. This is a staff view but I can attest to the deteriorating climate generally in our dept as well — staff turnovers, faculty under investigation, low morale and lower expectations for F22 and beyond.