Oregon is #47 in dental hygiene, #5 in Covid outcomes

Why can’t we be good at both? Because Portland and Eugene don’t have fluoridated water. Nigel Jaquiss has the story here. We’ve legalized shrooms but not fluoride? Anyone know the backstory on that?

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5 Responses to Oregon is #47 in dental hygiene, #5 in Covid outcomes

  1. uomatters says:

    The Sierra Club? WTF? “We are somewhat unique in terms of voting it down,” said Rick North, the volunteer chair of the advisory committee for the anti-fluoride nonprofit, Fluoride Action Network or FAN. “We’re the largest city in the country that has voted it down.”

    Arguments against fluoride run deep in Portland, a city that prides itself on its First Amendment rights and its pristine H2O from the Bull Run watershed. (But it’s worth noting that last year, City Council approved a contract to build a new water filtration plant that will treat the two reservoirs for the parasite cryptosporidium.) Even well-known environmental groups like the Sierra Club have publicly opposed fluoridation in Portland.


  2. just different says:

    Because Oregon public health policy debate is dominated by right-wing nuts and left-wing nuts, so anything they agree on enough to implement is pretty much guaranteed to be a bad idea. Vax exemptions is a similar example.

    • Slowly Boiled IT Duck says:

      Pretty sure there’s nothing in the Bible about fluoridation. I’ve lived most of my life in far more conservative parts of the country, and none have seen fit to set their kids up with a mouthful of rotting teeth.

      Speaking of which, given Oregon’s tacit approval, meth is now on my bucket list. I hear people really like it.

  3. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    better to be #5 in covid and #47 in tooth decay, than the reverse.

    be glad that the prevailing wackos are against fluoride rather than covid vax.

  4. SustainEugene.org says:

    I use fluoride toothpaste but am glad not to ingest it.