26 Responses to UO gives retiring staff a load of Duck crap

  1. IT's Classified. says:

    If they would have stuck around another 10 years, they could’ve gotten a PILLOW!

  2. uomatters says:

    Of course the real winner here is Rob Mullens – the AD gets most of the licensing fees.

  3. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Well TTF faculty get TRP, which maybe ain’t what it used to be, and now they want to take that away! At the least the staff will continue to get a tacky “Big O” clock, or a license plate holder to advertise UO. Or will they take that away too?

    • I. Just. Can’t says:

      Classified staff could wish for whatever TRP is now for faculty. It sure ain’t some tacky UO branded crap.

    • True Bernie says:

      Maybe people should take control of their work lives instead of just begging and waiting for an employer to do everything including your laundry. Stop being a slave. Use your intelligence. Sitting around whining about your employer for years isn’t going to improve your life. YOU HAVE TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN.

      • Dog says:

        When you work at the UO there are a whole lot of things that
        MAKE it IMPOSSIBLE for things to HAPPEN. That requires perseverance – that requires proper recognition from one’ s employer

      • Powerball says:

        See you on the picket lines, Bernie!

  4. Just Give Me The Gold Watch, Please says:

    They must have run out of the UO-branded wooden box with actually nice cheese knives in. Or maybe that wasn’t for retirees but just for those of us who stuck it out a long long long time and are still working? The rest of the stuff on offer was definitely leftover branded crap, sort of like what they used to pass out on the May health walks.

  5. Gold watch for me, too, please says:

    Just like the branded crap they handed out at the CAS Xmas “party” in the past.

    • paws says:

      Hey, there have been some amazing gifts at the CAS party over the years! Weekend trips, season tickets… etc.

  6. Craptacular says:

    Love the subtle Qanon descenders on the Nike O decals.

  7. Unexcellent says:

    Meanwhile the “shared services” disaster is unfolding over in CAS. Our highly competent and very needed office staff and leadership are (quite justifiably) quitting in disgust, without any personnel or infrastructure in place to fill the void. The deans and deanlets over in CAS have their own Fyre Festival in the making…. Total shit show and it’s only going to get worse.

    • cdsinclair says:

      Math is down to 1 (one) staff member. We used to have five, but through lack of replacement and mismanagement of the centralization the rest have left.

      Who would want to be dean after this debacle and with a crippled college-wide staff? This might be a good chance for Johnson hall to get rid of the dean and just put in place a vice provost for slowly destroying CAS instead (like they did for libraries, and CHC in all but name).

      • uomatters says:

        First they wanted to split CAS into 3 colleges, now they want to merge all the CAS department staff into one. I wonder what’s next.

        • Unexcellent says:

          This kind of reorg is an inevitable consequence of ballooning deans, AVP’s, and deanlets. Because these admin positions are unnecessary, these folks need to create the illusion that they are needed and actually doing something. So “doing something” can mean destroying the institution, as long as they can write in their annual reports, “oversaw amazing cost-saving measures in CAS by eliminating it”.

          • Slowly Boiled IT Duck says:

            Feels like an opportunity. Who wouldn’t bid to be a “Honorary Second Second Assistant Deanlet for Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business at the University of Oregon”? With a certificate printed on fine vegan sheepskin even.

            There’s money here somewhere.

      • Dog says:

        Personally, I want rapid destruction

      • Lots of sprinters around here says:

        Staff members have been running from Math long before this shared services debacle started. Other units, same, including outside CAS. When a unit cannot keep employees, time to look at the *unit* and what might be the management/environmental problem.

    • Canard says:

      We warned you. First there was the AAA to COD debacle five years ago, which was the alpha test on stripping units of staff and consolidating them under direct college administrative control (under the guise of creating interdisciplinary synergies). Then they moved on to COE, who managed to beat back the assault by asking the simple question, What problem is this reorganization trying to solve? I thought CAS had dodged the bullet when the various committees raised that same fundamental question a few years back, but I guess the pillaging of CAS was just too big and attractive a goal to be stopped by some thoughtful objections from faculty. Sorry.

      • the crux question says:

        That question about Shared Pain- ‘what problem is this trying to solve’- is the crux and one that every good leader should be able to answer about large changes. The responses from CAS leadership so far have been utterly nonsensical. The question – ‘what problems will this staff reorganization create’ – is terribly easy to answer, but NOBODY IS ACTUALLY LISTENING. NOBODY. It’s awful. It’s probably the most disrespectful and patronizing move I’ve seen from CAS, to actively disrespect the people actually working in the departments who will be affected by these changes.
        We’re losing valuable staff who were happy in their current positions and did a terrific job. Irreversible destruction.