28 Responses to Desperate Oregon 22 junk-mails townies to try and fill stadium

  1. Dog says:

    Do you get discounted tickets by filling out the race and ethnicity form in proper fashion?

  2. charlie says:

    This apparent World Class Boondoggle is taking place just as USC/UCLA said “Hell No!” to the PAC12, and bolted for the for larger broadcast rights payouts of the Big10. Despite what fans may believe regarding the vast worth of UO sports, what if the Big10 does NOT extend entry to Nike U? As it is, the Pac12 is in ruins, their biggest media market has vanished, so where does that leave the flagship? Is the Big10 stating an actual arms length market value of Oregon athletics? Maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t such a great idea to turn over the future prospects of any university to their Athletic Department? Just asking…

    • oldtimer says:

      I can’t divine the course of college conferences, but it is worth noting that in terms of fan interest expressed through merchandise sales, both oregon and Washington outrank ucla and usc.
      Swag rankings

    • uograd says:

      Who other than the UO administration and faculty say it’s the “flagship”? OSU has a larger enrollment and secures more research dollars. Plus, it’s a far better managed university, (previous presidential search notwithstanding).

      • CSN says:

        Not saying you are wrong, but enrollment isn’t everything.

        Michigan State is bigger than Michigan.

        Texas A&M is bigger that UT-Austin.

        UCLA and Berkeley are just about the same size.

      • honest Uncle Bernie says:

        in almost every field in which they compete, UO is better.

        If UO had held on to OHSU, and was allowed to have engineering, it would be no contest.

        And messed up as UO is, it is not as bad as what I hear from OSU counterparts.

        • Dog says:

          COAS at OSU is a big deal and gets lots of federal funding. COAS is
          not engineering and represents a lot of fields that the UO does
          not have and which are quite relevant to problems today. Remember, OSU is both a land grant and a sea grant institution.

          • Fishwrapper says:

            Don’t forget OSU is a quad-grant institution – you left off Space Grant and Sun Grant. (One needs but a few fingers to count the number of institutions with all four grants…). But the Sea Grant has driven a lot of the re$earch number$ the pa$t few year$, through the con$truction of a few regional re$earch ve$$el$.

            • Anonymous says:

              of some interest is that the New CAS dean has strong research links to the kind of research done in COAS, so he could be an
              ally there. Of course, he might be so inundated with UO crappola that his research is put in hold.

          • honest Uncle Bernie says:

            Dog — I had two big “ifs” in my post. And yes, CEOAS — College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences” — is a big deal. So is their College of Natural Resources or whatever they call their ag/forestry stuff. But I stand by what I said, including the apparent fact (partly from anecdotal evidence over many years) that in the fields in which the two schools compete, OSU is a mess. UO ranks higher in those fields than OSU. Actually, as we all know, there is no clearly distinguished public university in Oregon. UO had the potential, but the state and the institution and its backers blew it long ago. The policy of becoming “independent” adopted under Frohnmayer hasn’t worked very well. But Dave is long gone and it’s certainly not entirely his fault, if at all. The people running things now are doing a great job of wrecking things. That isn’t to say that there isn’t a great deal of very stiff competition elsewhere in higher ed.

    • Townie says:

      I’d love to see the Big 10 isolate UO, creating a firewall if needed. My dream is that Duck sports withers away. The NCAA should have sanctioned UO long ago.

  3. Flapper says:

    I wonder how wide was the geographic area covered by that mailing; many I know who live in the immediate vicinity have rented their abodes and made plans to skip town. I am not one of those. However, there are two major reasons I will not buy tickets. One, the lack of protection from weather at the stadium could mean frying or being uncomforatbly wet. Two, and this is the bigger concern, I will not atend ANY event that requires me to use a cell phone for entry. In my opinion, this is one of the most obvious tools in the ongong desctruction of ones right to privacy. Orwell called it. I choose to resist. I pay with cash and realize my data trail will not be used to my benefit. If Oregon 22 wants to trade a paper ticket for greenbacks (term is intentional), I might just risk exposure.

  4. moss defender says:

    the overpriced facility is made from a thin sheet of plastic….before long local woodpeckers will make swiss cheese outta this POS

    • honestly says:

      I wonder how many people resent our Agate St. being taken over for a month by UO? (and actually, yesr-round by the damn dorm crossings)

  5. NotAFan says:

    Last approximation is the UO is at least 500 employee short for what is needed for the event. Though it appears there is at least one contractor who is recruiting for UO (since UO is incapable of doing it themselves). When did they realize this? I mean, this even has been years in the making. Well, this debacle will most likely eclipse the debacle of Fall 2021 “move in day” which caused Glenwood to downtown Eugene to become one big traffic jam. (Hm. Are the same very well paid Decision Makers involved in both?)

    • uomatters says:

      I think this event is being managed by World Athletics and Paul Weinhold’s UO Foundation, not UO. Or at least that’s what I’ve been told. Mr. Weinhold is a busy man with 2 jobs – Foundation CEO, and Chairman of Summit Bank. So yeah a few thinks might slip through the cracks.

      • NotAFan says:

        I wouldn’t call being short over 500 employees isn’t a few things slipping through the cracks. Not planning for that many employees is ridiculous.

  6. eugenenative says:

    I like also how the photo was taken in the late, late afternoon so there is a sizable shadow cast across the infield which tends to imply the minuscule roof offers far more protection from the elements than it does.

    One thing you can count on. No matter how many people attend, the organizers will claim a sell-out.

  7. moss defender says:

    More sportspork coming to Autzen via city of Eugene collusion ?…please scrutinize this garbage like the missing Mac 2 report was….I am missing Rachel Bachman right now – UO and its overly obedient city council (and Salem goblins) is almost as outta control as the fascist Jan 6 obsessed dems…..Alton Baker parkland trade for earthquake safety ?
    So sick of these goosesteppers !

    • eugenenative says:

      Clearly, you don’t understand what a Fascist is. But you’ve got “projection” mastered. Congrats on that, I guess.

      • moss defender says:

        whatever you say dem duck……Stockholm syndrome works for you…I dont feel the need to elaborate about goose stepping nerds…get in line for more kool aid and a chance to fight the weather

        • just different says:

          Wow, the 1/6 hearings must really be getting to you. So much cognitive dissonance to resolve.