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UO renovates PLC lounge areas for students, faculty!

Just kidding, they renovated the Alumni Center where the trustees meet, over by the basketball arena:


  1. honestly! 07/30/2022

    Don’t be so negative! Look at all the great stuff going on. The state of the art renovations of classrroms, especially the big halls like 150 Columbia — they want good spaces for the rare intro courses with large enrollments! The nice new Tykeson with its wonderful advising services. A great venue to sucker trusting underprepared students into taking on a lifetime of debt. The coming shared services in CAS. I even hear they have innovative new programs to relieve the gender imbalance in enrollments. The alumni center had become decrepit and rundown compared to the academic facilities. I hear next they will renovate University Tower. A perfect freakshow of corruption, incompetence, and greed!

  2. Cheyney Ryan 07/30/2022

    YOU’RE ALL GOING TO DIE: When I was co-chair of the FAC in the late 1990s, we had an earthquake analysis done of PLC. I believe it was not long after an earthquake in California. It was prompted partly by my wife Sandy’s concern that PLC, where I worked, would collapse on itself. The study was done by Christine Theodoropoulos, an expert then at Oregon. Her conclusion was that, yes, PLC was doomed. But it turned out others were worse–any buildings that were attached to other buildings, it turned out. I think Hendricks Hall was a real death trap. I thought this report would compel the Adm to tear down PLC –thus bringing me the gratitude of everyone who had to endure that building. But Dave F etc. replied that they couldnt possibly afford to repair all those buildings–so we should all hope for the best! Johnson Hall, it turned out, would survive anything.

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