Warts are beginning to show on The Phildo

Or as they call it in Johnson Hall, the “University Tower“. Ken Goe has the story in the Oregonian, mostly about why the thing is so damn large. OK, it’s mostly about the lousy seating: https://www.oregonlive.com/oregon22/2022/07/goe-new-hayward-field-site-of-world-athletics-championships-oregon22-is-big-on-flash-but-short-on-function.html

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20 Responses to Warts are beginning to show on The Phildo

  1. Anonymous says:

    Come for the bad penis jokes, stay for the public records.

    • honest Uncle Gangsta says:

      the carnival barker guy — warts and all! — he knows how to draw them in.

  2. thedude says:

    I’ve watched two track meets there. I thought the stadium was beautiful. Empty. But beautiful.

  3. Try it, you’ll like it says:

    Agree with the dude. Have gone to four different meets of all levels, NCAA/Trials/PAC-12. Took the opportunity to really explore amenities and to purchase tickets in all areas but lower far north. I loved the old Hayward and wanted to see it stay, but from a viewing perspective and an athletes perspective this is so much better.

    I’ve talked to current and foremer students and they rave about the facilities and the quality of construction and support that it now provides them. Sure, it seems a little odd to have invested this much money in a stadium just for track in a town the size of Eugene, but I don’t think anyone who has seen track in a variety of venues can deny that it is a work of beauty. If you walk around it now and you see how the lush landscape that was put in just over a year ago books, it appears as if the stadium has been there forever.

    Beyond that, it looks amazing on TV and I can’t wait to see how it appears to the world in a few weeks. World games are going to be a love story to Oregon and a priceless opportunity for publicity for this University.

  4. charlie says:

    The Phildo with warts?!?! Oh, no, another tragic case of an STD. Shrinking Ticket Demand….

  5. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Do they really call it “University Tower” in Johnson Hall? If so, that is very, very telling. When I think of University Tower, I think foremost of the Berkeley Campanile, a magnificent academic symbol in its ever magnificent site, that never ceases to inspire. Despite being a knockoff of the St Mark’s tower in Venice. I actually find the Berkeley tower far more inspiring. Yes, we have the Phildo. Warts and all.

    • just different says:

      Plus the Berkeley Campanile has falcons. We’ve only got ospreys, and they’re across the street. Maybe a bald eagle nest atop “University Tower” is the one-upmanship we’re looking for.

  6. Mike says:

    Couple of points

    Too bad the Oregano article is behind their paywall
    University Tower brings to mind Charles “Texas tower” Whitman
    Damn, this track meet stuff sure adds costs and inconvenience to those of us who don’t attend and are not at all interested.

  7. Fishwrapper says:

    “Howard Slusher, whose work on behalf of Nike co-founder Phil Knight included supervising the construction of Hayward Field in Eugene and helping the city secure the ongoing 2022 World Athletics Championships, died Wednesday at OHSU Hospital. He was 85.” – Oregonlive.com