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Ethics questionnaire

I need some ethics advice. An overnight visitor leaves a iphone charger in the guest bedroom. I should:

A: Fed-Ex it them immediately

B: Email them that I found it and offer to mail it back

C: Pretend you didn’t see it and leave it for the next visitor

D: Put it in the kitchen drawer with the iphone chargers from past decades

E: ?


  1. Dog 08/08/2022

    E: Convert the guest bedroom into a man cave befitting
    of your past life choices …

  2. honest scourge 08/08/2022

    E. pitch it in the fireplace or rushing river, it is the work of the devil!

  3. Pissed Programmer 08/08/2022

    Keep it, label it as property of the rental, leave it for guests.

  4. Townie 08/09/2022

    B) if you are normal and high functioning

  5. honest Uncle Bernie 08/10/2022

    Speaking of ethics — honesty pushes me to say the linked article below seems cause for optimism, if not outright celebration. (In this time with so much dismal stuff going on). The senior author has absolutely sterling credentials, with bipartisan and two-sided credibility.

    Takeaway: “A Half Century of Student Progress Nationwide
    First comprehensive analysis finds broad gains in test scores, with larger gains for students of color than white students”

    The news is not great, but it is good, and gives ground for hope. The most negative thing is that the positive changes diminish with older students. We are doing well with the grade schoolers, still pretty well with the middle schoolers, but the gains have mostly faded by high school. This has been known for eons, but we don’t hear much talk about that. We should.

    Here’s the link to the detailed article:

  6. Anonymous 08/11/2022

    Visit them and do the same.

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