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Knight Campus to pay up to $68K for assistant storyteller


  1. nothing surprises me anymore 09/03/2022

    Please. Just. Stop. Also, explain to me how this is an OA position and not a classified staff position. What are the exclusion excuses?

  2. confused communicator 09/03/2022

    Here’s a reason why they need this position, and I quote from the job posting:

    “The position has an emphasis on copywriting, photography, video and graphic designing a deadline environment.”

    I am surprised they only require an Associate’s Degree. The journalism school now has specialties in science comm at both the undergrad and grad levels but I guess the Knight Campus doesn’t think that’s valuable?

    • uomatters Post author | 09/03/2022

      Thanks, I’d missed Rob Guldberg’s slap at the J-School.

    • Fishwrapper 09/03/2022

      Back in the day, when I learned the trade, most of those areas of emphasis would be their own person. That way you could look towards getting good copywriting, good photography, good video, good graphic design, etc., instead of merely “well, I got it all done…more or (probably) less adequately…” Of course, for this job, it literally has to be only good enough for government work.

      No wonder top-level communications these days seem to miss the mark… (Unfortunately this applies to many other places, too.)

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