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Why is new UO Board Chair Ginevra Ralph hiding contract details for Rob Mullens and Dana Altman?

Surely these contracts have been finalized, 3 days before the Trustees meet to approve them, and the Trustees told what they will be rubber-stamping. So why is Ralph hiding the details from the university and the public? Normally the meeting docket includes the contracts. Not this time:

And then there is the less important matter of the search for a new UO president. Given the lack of information here, I’m guessing this is going to be run along the same lines as the OSU search that dredged up F. King Alexander.


  1. Fishwrapper 08/13/2022

    Why? Surely that’s a rhetorical question – no sense in letting anyone know until it’s too late to even bitch and/or moan about it in any meaningful way. As to what kind of search, I hope and pray that something…anything…has been learned from the 2019 search downstream from you. Differences aside, I wouldn’t wish another F. King on any other campus in this state. (One was plenty for a lifetime.)

  2. honest Uncle Bernie 08/14/2022

    effin’ A!

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