UO switches phones to Microsoft Teams

I’m sure this will work out just as well as Concur has:

Dear colleagues,

The university’s transition to Teams calling is moving quickly toward our goal of year-end completion. We wanted to provide an update on our progress and an overview of what to expect this fall.

As a reminder, this process will integrate most employees’ UO phone service into Microsoft Teams, where you can already collaborate by chat, file sharing, and audio- and videoconferencing.

Teams Calling Transition Schedule

In late August, Information Services released the full transition schedule. Here’s an overview:

  • About two dozen units transitioned on August 24.
  • Most remaining administrative departments will transition this week, on September 21.
  • Most academic departments will transition on October 19 or November 16.
  • On each of those dates, dozens of departments (up to 1,600 employees) will transition to Teams calling at once.
  • Information Services has notified unit heads and phone liaisons for all units except those scheduled for November. We’ll be reaching out to them in the coming weeks.
  • We’ll also provide phone liaisons with notifications to send to unit employees in the three weeks before each transition.

Most desk phones will be collected as part of this transition. For each switchover, CPFM Moving Services will distribute and pick upcollection bins around the Eugene campus.

Thank you for your continued patience as we work to ensure a smooth transition to this new mode of service during fall term. We have an extremely limited capacity to accommodate any scheduling changes. We’re aiming to finish this complex, university-wide technology transition by the end of 2022 so we can move off aging phone hardware.

Exception: Employees whose offices are being moved to a different building will be switched to Teams calling at that time, to the extent possible. We’re currently aware of some CAS staff moves. Please let us know about any other upcoming building moves.

Progress Continues

Things have continued to go smoothly overall as we’ve increased the number of units switching to Teams calling each month. I want to thank everyone across the university who is facilitating this change and contributing to our success — especially all of the departmental phone liaisons working hand in hand with our project team.

  • About 1,800 UO employees are now using Teams calling.
  • That represents over 65 units.
  • Since June 1, Teams calling has also been provided to new employees.
  • In our feedback survey, 90% percent of respondents say the management of the migration prepared them for the transition to Teams calling.

If people need help after the transition, please encourage them to get tech support. They can submit a ticket through the Microsoft Teams support page of the UO Service Portal or contact the IT staff who support their unit.

Funding model

As previously announced by Jamie Moffitt, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer, the billing model for UO communications services is being fundamentally redesigned. This complex process is well underway. Look for more information in the coming weeks. In the meantime, your monthly departmental phone bills will continue to be frozen at current levels.

Reminder: Exceptions to Teams Calling

  • UO cell phone only. Employees whose only UO phone service is a university-issued cell phone won’t be switched to Teams calling at this time.
  • Amazon Connect. Units that use Amazon Connect for high-volume customer service operations, also known as call centers, will continue to do so. Those employees will start using Teams calling for their direct lines. In addition, Teams calling will be used for many smaller-scale shared departmental lines answered by several people.
  • Utility voice. Outside of Teams calling, we’re also implementing a separate, more traditional phone service to accommodate exceptional situations for which Teams calling isn’t a good fit, such as emergency phones and elevator phones.

Learn More About Teams Calling

If you have any questions or concerns specific to your unit, please reply to both me and [email protected] to reach the Communications and Collaborative Technologies (CCT) Program team, or submit a ticket through the Microsoft Teams support page of the UO Service Portal.

Thanks for your continued partnership in this technology transition!

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4 Responses to UO switches phones to Microsoft Teams

  1. Let’s put all eggs in one off site basket says:

    Having all forms of communication (teams chat, file sharing, email, phone) in the very capable, dependable, secure, responsive, inexpensive Microsoft? Nothing to see/worry about here. Carry on.

  2. honest Uncle Gangsta says:

    Surely it will work as well as shared central services, Tykeson advising, and the policy of not buying books for the library are working, among many examples.

  3. Payroll Guy says:

    Just another move to reduce Classified Staff.

  4. JustAsking says:

    Why do the transition starting first weeks of the first term through the whole term? Why not do it from say May to August?