Trustees want to take control of Boards sole faculty rep

That would be at UVa. Here at Oregon, our trustees have *never* let the University Senate pick the non-voting faculty representative – they just nominate a lackey to the Governor, who rubber stamps them.

From InsideHigherEd:

“Faculty have a legitimate desire to ensure that their representative is truly representative of the faculty as evidenced by majority support,” UVA’s chapter of the American Association of University Professors recently wrote to the Senate and the board. “Selecting the individual from a slate of candidates could result in the seating of an ostensible ‘faculty representative’ on the board who has slight electoral support and does not reflect the aspirations and perspectives of the faculty at large.”

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5 Responses to Trustees want to take control of Boards sole faculty rep

  1. just different says:

    Not to be naive, but what if the Senate just held an election and submitted their pick to the board anyway? Why would the board object?

    • Powerball says:

      Very interested in hearing opinions about why this might not be a great idea.

  2. Andrea says:

    AFT-Oregon is working with Oregon Students Association on a bill in 2023 to do just that – let Faculty through University Senate democratically elect their Board of Trustees Faculty members. Let’s go!

  3. IT's Classified. says:

    What if ALL the Trustees had an “office hour,” open to the public, instead of just the Staff and Faculty reps? That said, I’d prefer if they were all elected by constituency groups.

  4. moss defender says:

    Someone please create a flow chart with all UO “leadership” on it so someday we can determine whichever group of fossils is which and how they tie into some other group and how they consult with some ad hoc cronies I mean really can we sort out the differing levels of supposed geniuses to make it easier for normal people to determine if any one of these old kooks is actually worth a damn…all I know is the Queen bee Ginerva helps run the music racket west of campus and is on the radio sometimes begging for weird instruments outta your garage…and Pernsteiner finally was done away with and Treetops still sits mosty empty with ambiguous activity going on…please decode this cabal so someone someday can clean house and donate all the unwanted mummies or all of em to goodwill or st vinnies