UO Trustees want your input on Presidential hire!

Just kidding, this will be a completely closed search that will end with the Board telling the university who they have hired. Our Trustees do, however, hope to delude you into believing that you actually have some input:

Dear University of Oregon community members,

Thank you to everyone who participated in the presidential search forums earlier this week at both the Eugene and Portland campuses or one of our other outreach meetings to garner feedback on what the UO community wants to see in its next leader. We appreciate the feedback and input the UO community has provided so far.

We would like to offer a virtual forum for anyone in the UO community to attend. The virtual presidential forum will be held on Tuesday, November 1 from 5:00–6:00 p.m. PST. The forum can be accessed by using this link:

passcode for those accessing by phone: 068616

In addition, we are continuing to accept feedback and recommendations through the respective online forms. The online form submission period will end on Friday, November 4.

After the conclusion of the forums and online input period, the committee will review the information provided and finalize the presidential profile. The profile will be forwarded to the Board of Trustees for approval during its December meeting.

Again, thank you for providing your input as we consider the qualities and characteristics that should define the university’s next leader.


Connie Seeley ‘92
Search Chair

Renée Evans Jackman ‘97
Search Vice Chair

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5 Responses to UO Trustees want your input on Presidential hire!

  1. moss defender says:

    I think if uomatters did a open thread here asking what is your question(s) for uo or uomatters some interesting issues and questions might be posted…when I try to read here any time lately or in recent years my eyes glaze over like a dead fish after not very many minutes…please dont read this as some type of insult just miss a wider bunch of content and wider group of commenters….for example media around here used to constantly greenwash uo nano…it was gonna save earth….now it just all went underground and nobody learns a darn thing about it…doesnt really exist anymore…..seems pretty weird and gives me a ominous feeling about the future maybe I am wrong and all issues are being covered here oh well…have talked to others who used to read here who completely agree with me and dont bother

  2. honest Uncle Gangsta says:

    these people are just out of it we have become so disconnected it is like with Biden nobody really gives a shit!

  3. Dog says:


    I did recommend the current provost at the University of Arizona for this position. This is mostly because I think she can have a better vision for the KC than anyone currently here. Since the KC exists, I think its important that it be managed better than currently.

  4. vhils says:

    Maybe it will be Carol Stabile, wait, nope, she’s in the process of suing the University. That discovery should be really quite fun for all of the admin who rubber-stamped her climb up the $$$ ladder while she made work life hell for many of the junior faculty and staff under her.

  5. Parent says:

    Does anyone know what the mean undergraduate class size is at UO? UO only publicizes the median.

    It would be interesting to look at the historical trend and how each president compares.