President Phillips to deliver State of UO address from a secure off-campus location

Why? Well, the First Amendment applies to government agencies, while the Eugene City Club is a private non-profit that can exclude those pesky student protestors that have occasionally embarrassed President Schill and our sensitive, elderly Trustees. Clever.

Of course UO has to make a donation to the City Club for this privilege, proving that limiting freedom of speech is never free:

The State of UO

Friday, Nov. 18,

Noon-1:15 pm 

How is the University of Oregon doing? What are its goals, and is it meeting them? Join interim UO president Patrick Phillips on Friday and hear how the UO is faring. Learn more!

Attend our program at the First United Methodist Church, 1376 Olive Street, starting at noon, or watch via livestream..

Your question might be asked of the speaker; email it to us. Include your full name and tell us if you are a member of City Club.

After the program, you can hear it on KLCC on Monday, Nov. 21, at 7 pm; watch it on our YouTube channel; or listen later to our podcast.

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6 Responses to President Phillips to deliver State of UO address from a secure off-campus location

  1. moss defender says:

    As a recovering former member of the city club program committee I have a couple observations….when our uberdem mayor was Kitty P the club was referred to as the Kitty club…I had a big program coming up about the Riverfront Research Park past and future…it was sandbagged at last minute by a eco nerdy UO prof who used to write silly regular columns in the militantly dem Eug Weekly……also the charming league of uninformed voters used to tamper with our programs and attempt to moderate them like a slimy biting killer octopus….then a big engineering firm that does work on UO projects offered Kitty club a free – wink wink – office space at the firm….so all the oxygen was sucked outta that outfit – the best sponsorship they could now get is from Depend garments…pretty much mummies only now..jus fyi…oh yeah we had the anonymous host here at a good program once wow I almost forgot….that was before the org was turned into a duck cheerleading waste of time for all….and then they (club cartel insiders) REFUSED to let me introduce the two speakers (uomatters host and a Nike professorship bloke) even though I set the program up (normally that is intro person) what freakin zombies running that org lol

    • Compulsory Pessimist says:

      Can someone translate this from Conspiracy Rant-ese into layperson American English for me?

      Leave the “slimy biting killer octopus” phrase in though. That may be incomprehensible, but it’s a banger.

      • And they say conservatives don't feel welcome... says:

        “As a former member of the Eugene City Club program committee, I’d like to air some grievances that are not particularly related to the topic at hand.

        Grievance The First: During the time Kitty Piercy was Mayor of Eugene I would always make the joke that the City Club was the Kitty Club, because it’s a pun. No one else laughed and I’m still bitter.

        Grievance The Second: The City Club was going to host a conversation about the Riverfront Research Park and during the planning, someone suggested that it might be good to include an economist in the discussion. They chose a University of Oregon professor who I’m sure was published in a number of prestigious journals, but I didn’t support their inclusion because they occasionally wrote articles published in the local alt-weekly paper.

        Grievance the Third: The League of Women Voters, an organization devoted to healthy democracy, would often suggest topics for city club and offer to moderate them. I don’t need to explain why this upsets me further, because women are just like a slimy biting killer octopus, am I right?

        Grievance the Fourth: A large engineering firm sponsored the City Club by providing office space to them, which I believe biased some of the programming.

        Grievance the Fifth: The median age of the City Club leadership team is well above the median age for the local community.

        Grievance the Sixth: Once, when I arranged a program, I was told I was not allowed to introduce the speakers. The general practice at the time was to have program organizer do the introductions. I’m sure you will agree that this reflects far more on the City Club than on myself. I believe the Grievances above provide strong evidence for that.”

  2. moss defender says:

    If you would like me to clarify some section of this and try to be clearer I would be glad to its up to you….mention specifically what you want explained CP and I will try BTW topic is City Club of Eugene – the organization I was commenting on –
    they used to meet regularly at Hilton or Downtown Athletic Club
    now they meet in an out of the way church few would know about

    • just different says:

      So DAC is centrally located, but FUMC four blocks away is “out of the way.” Um, ok.