VP for enrollment emails faculty with great UO enrollment numbers

That would be Oregon State’s VP Jon Boeckenstedt. I don’t know why UO’s Roger Thompson treats these as a state secret, even the HECC has them:

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6 Responses to VP for enrollment emails faculty with great UO enrollment numbers

  1. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Glad UOM reads the comments!

    Meanwhile UOM’s heart will be warmed by UO’s announcement of “Lillis Way.”

  2. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    As regards enrollment, OSU ascendant, UO just holding its own, PSU and most of the regionals in serious decline. Maybe UO should try to be more woke?

  3. It should be noted that OSU’s enrollment growth is overwhelmingly due to its online offerings; on-campus enrollment is up 1%, not much different than UO’s:

    “Ecampus continues to be the main contributor to Oregon State’s enrollment growth. Enrollment of students attending Ecampus jumped almost 6% to 10,679 students this fall. … In Corvallis, there are 23,598 students enrolled this fall, a 1% increase over last year” [https://today.oregonstate.edu/news/oregon-state-university-enrollment-reaches-new-record-eclipsing-35000]

    This comment is neither an endorsement nor criticism of online university education.

    The context of enrollment numbers matters, and should be noted before one praises/criticizes OSU/UO.

    • ODA says:

      That news release is one of the best I have seen:


      Where is the one from UO?

      At first I thought perhaps the E Campus numbers (with its astronomical tuition) were overblown, and on the totals it kind of is; however, it looks like all new enrollment is up especially FTF (First time full time) on campus which should be healthy for the institution (if accurate). And the out of state! Wow, that is what the Football program was supposed to do for UO… And lets face it, the Beavs kind of sux at football.

  4. honest Uncle Gangsta says:

    but surely as the AAU flagship R1 UO will excel OSU in research $$ especially with the great “Knight Campus”! Why doesn’t UO report the glorious numbers for comparison? Not for gloating, rather modest celebration, as is the UO way. Just look at our modest Phildo!