Provost and Trustees kick back in glee as faculty fight it out over who gets the smallest merit pay cut.

Do the math. Faculty are getting 10% in raises over 3 years, during which the cost of living will have increased by roughly 20%. (Ignore former Interim President Phillip’s claim to the Senate that temporary inflation does not cause permanent increases in the cost of living, he’s no more of a macroeconomist than I am.)

To add an obsession with control to the insult and injury, Interim Provost Janet Woodruff-Borden is requiring departments to adopt new and tortured rules before they can allocate the 3% (nominal) merit portion of this pay cut.

From what I can tell the deans, including CAS’s Chris Poulsen, are doing the best they can to deal with this – given their loyalty oath to Johnson Hall. Poulsen’s attempt to explain the new rules to department heads is below. (Thanks to several anonymous dept heads for passing this along – keep these coming.)

The faculty union is also working on this. In the past the union has fought hard for more merit pay than the administration has been willing to give out, but I expect that part of the fallout from the fights over allocating this negative merit raise will be a preference for first getting across the board raises that match the cost of living – as calculated by the BLS, not by a guy who doesn’t understand the diff between stocks and flows.

Poulsen’s Presentation:

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