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Interim Provost greatly excited to have cut faculty, heads, and deans out of hiring decisions for yet another year

Dear colleagues,

It is with great excitement that I announce the AY2023 Institutional Hiring Plan (IHP), which details all approved tenure-track faculty searches for the 2023-24 academic search year. We are delighted to be in a period of growth and have approved about two-thirds of the new searches that were proposed. As of today, this year’s plan authorizes eighty-one tenure-track faculty searches (sixty-six new searches and fifteen searches that will continue from this year, if needed).

I want to express gratitude to those who contributed time and effort to creating proposals and providing feedback. The proposals reflected faculty thoughtfulness and creativity as well as dean dedication, engagement, and strategic planning within their schools and colleges. IHP decisions were made in consultation with the Provost’s Deans Hiring Advisory Committee, the seven-member Provost’s Faculty Hiring Advisory Committee, and advisory groups from the Provost’s Strategic Initiative on Environment and the Provost’s Strategic Initiative on Sport & Wellness. I would also like to thank the Active Recruitment Team, which will review search plans and provide workshops and materials to support each search committee throughout the search process.

The IHP is an engaged and collaborative process that allows us to bring our campus together in conversation to strategically address needs and institutional priorities. The proposals we received were thoughtful, innovative, and articulated alignment with our focus on the intellectual growth of the institution and the importance of amplifying a supportive foundation for all faculty to thrive. The final IHP includes positions tied to several areas of institutional strategic focus: three in areas that bolster our work in sport and wellness, ten tied to adding to the UO’s strength in the environment, and an exciting cluster of five hires focusing on areas of Latin scholarship.

We are pleased with how the IHP process went this year and welcome your feedback on how to further refine it for future years. Thank you all for helping us achieve our collective goals in teaching, research, diversity, and interdisciplinary excellence.

With appreciation, 

Janet Woodruff-Borden
Interim Provost and Executive Vice President


  1. uomatters Post author | 05/02/2023

    Anyone know who is on the “Provost’s Faculty Hiring Advisory Committee”? I can’t find it posted anywhere.

  2. Demetrius 05/03/2023

    Five hires focusing on areas of Latin scholarship! The Classics return! Who would have thought…?

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