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Provost to hang faculty excellence banners from bridge in lieu of decent merit raises

Dear colleagues,

As we approach the end of another academic year, I want to take a moment to celebrate and recognize the outstanding scholarship, instruction, and service taking place on our campus and tell you about several new ways we are highlighting excellence at the University of Oregon. I am continually impressed by the hard work, achievements, and dedication I regularly witness across campus as faculty and staff strive to support our students, our mission, and our public purpose.

To recognize the academic achievements and excellence of the University of Oregon faculty and staff, this spring the university launched a new Awards and Accolades webpage. This new page recognizes the individual achievements of excellence in teaching, research, artistic expression, and the generation and application of knowledge. It celebrates contributions to the UO and their profession such as through grants, honors and fellowships, elections to regional and national boards or committees in professional organizations, and other career awards.

You can find this awards page both on Around the O website and on the Office of the Provost Awards webpage, and in the weekly Workplace newsletter emailed to all employees. Anyone can suggest an accolade by using this simple online form.

The Office of the Provost also sponsors a series of awards programs each year recognizing excellence in teaching, leadership, mentorship, scholarship, and more. This year we have added two new programs: the Distinguished Teaching Professor Program and the Book Publication Award.

We are also piloting another exciting faculty recognition program this spring. Beginning in early June, banners will be hung along the Ferry Street Bridge and streets in and around the university featuring images and quotes from faculty who have earned outstanding teaching and scholarship awards, achieved research excellence, or play leadership roles in university governance. The goal is to instill pride in our community and inspire a culture of excellence. This initiative aligns with our Inclusive Excellence in Action efforts continuing our work toward an inclusively excellent campus culture. We will be sharing more information about this new effort in the coming weeks.

Of course, there are many other university-wide sponsored awards from Research and Innovation, Graduate Studies, Advising, Human Resources, and the Division of Equity and Inclusion, to name a few, that recognize outstanding achievement. I encourage you to visit the Awards and Accolades webpage frequently and join me in congratulating our colleagues on their achievements.

Thank you for all that you do for our university and for the broader academic community.


Janet Woodruff-Borden
Interim Provost and Executive Vice President       


  1. thedude 05/09/2023

    What can you expect? Our typical moving of the chairs on the titanic means our interim provost and interim president got massive raises for their new interim positions.

    Let them eat award banners.

  2. New Year Cat 05/09/2023

    And how much will the banners cost? Save the money and fold it into faculty raises!

  3. Rob Mullens 05/10/2023

    Is this legal? Sure I fought it for years, but now even NCAA student-athletes own the rights to their NIL. And your Provost can use yours without paying you? Damn I thought my players were stupid!

  4. moss defender 05/12/2023

    great – ferry street bridge is one of the least stable in Oregon….instead of giving it proper repairs hang nerdy flags on it so nobody thinks UO is mediocre party school anymore….that might work…almost as brilliant as the embarrassing banners eug city govt draped all over the riverfront steamplant

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