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Will new public record request uncover more Duck Athletics crap?

No, I’m not talking about my efforts to get info on how much Rob Mullens is earning from the Nike Invitational track meet that has ruined this year’s commencement. General Counsel Kevin Reed has been deliberately delaying releasing that info to the Senate since February. This request is more fundamental:

Requester: Pardovich, Cherise

Organization: Buck’s Sanitary Service

Initial Request Date: 05/01/2023

Status: Requesting/Reviewing Records

This is a formal request for any and all information, documents, communications and contracts. Any and all that is open to the public, related to and submitted by various portable restroom companies ie..(United Site Services, Best Pots) for the previous and current contracts for UO Athletic Department’s Portable Restroom’s bids and or Bid submissions including results. I am also looking for clarification pertaining to the current contractual agreement.

Request ID: 



  1. Close reader 05/12/2023

    The response would be likely to include more records if the request had “e.g.” rather than “i.e.”

  2. moss defender 05/20/2023

    I just noticed a UO hockey player was the victim of a hit and run last Saturday between 130 and 4am. Little is known about this and seems to not be in the news. If you know anyone in the Harris and 24th area with security cameras please urge them to save the video. Was there some UO sports event last weekend ? Deadly hit and run incidents sure are common in this area. The family has put up some posters trying to find out what happened.

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