Here’s hoping Tim Inman gave Karl Scholz more transition info than this pablum I just paid Kevin Reed $364.54 for


Dear Mr. Harbaugh,

Records responsive to your request for “…all briefing materials prepared by the OtP or President’s Office and provided to Incoming President Scholz as part of his presidential transition.” can be accessed via this link. Please note that access will expire in five business days on 07/19/2023.

Please note that some of the information contained herein is exempt from disclosure under ORS 192.355(2), ORS 192.355 (8), 20 U.S.C. § 1232g, and ORS 192.355 (40). 

You may seek review of the public body’s determination pursuant to ORS 192.411, 192.415, 192.418, 192.422, 192.427 and 192.431.

When the office prepared the estimate to review and redact the records, it was unaware that the document contained links to additional records. As such, it did not include the review of these records in your cost estimate. If you are interested in receiving copies of the documents linked in the briefing materials please advise the office at your nearest convenience, so that we may create a cost estimate to provide those records. 

The office will consider these records to be fully responsive to your request and close your matter if we do not hear further from you by Monday, 7/31/2023.

Thank you for contacting the office with your request.


Office of Public Records

6207 University of Oregon | Eugene, OR 97403-6207

(541) 346-6823 | [email protected]

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