Pres Schill gives big-time college football coach slap on the wrist for tolerating sexual abuse

You thought they hired him to run a university? From The Daily Northwestern, thanks to a reader for the link:

Content warning: This article contains mention of hazing, sexual assault and suicidal ideation.

A former Northwestern University football player told The Daily some of the hazing conduct investigated by the university involved coerced sexual acts. A second player confirmed these details.

The player also told The Daily that head coach Pat Fitzgerald may have known that hazing took place. 

“I’ve seen it with my own eyes, and it’s just absolutely egregious and vile and inhumane behavior,” the player, who asked to remain anonymous in this story, said. 

The former player said he reported his experiences to the University in late November 2022.  He alleges that much of the team’s hazing centered around a practice dubbed “running,” which was used to punish team members, primarily freshman, for mistakes made on the field and in practice. 

If a player was selected for “running,” the player who spoke to The Daily said, they would be restrained by a group of 8-10 upperclassmen dressed in various “Purge-like” masks, who would then begin “dry-humping” the victim in a dark locker room. …

Lead investigator Maggie Hickey, former inspector general of Illinois, interviewed coaches, staff, and current and former players, and reviewed thousands of documents, according to a news release by the University. 

According to the release, Hickey’s investigation revealed that while current and former players “varied on their perspective” regarding the conduct, the whistleblower’s claims were “largely supported by evidence.”  …

After the investigation concluded, the University placed Fitzgerald on unpaid suspension for two weeks. …

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5 Responses to Pres Schill gives big-time college football coach slap on the wrist for tolerating sexual abuse

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wonder how many similar incidents he buried during his seven years at UO?

  2. Heraclitus says:

    Lots of updates today on this one. Coach is now fired. But my favorite is Schill’s earlier statement that “huh, maybe I got that one wrong… if my previous job had been at a university that gives an actual eff about this kinda stuff, I’d be better at these decisions”.

  3. Mike says:

    Didn’t they just re-up the coach for like 18 gazillion for 6 years? You’d a thought they’d have done a deep dive into the culture he developed before the big checks started getting cut. Who did the due diligence here? Certainly not Schill…