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VP Jamie Moffitt spreads the blame for failure to pay employees on time

UO has had problems paying people on time for as long as I can remember. This year seems worse than usual. VP for Finance & Administration Jamie Moffitt – who’s attention may have been distracted by her new side gig at Summit Bank (I’m guessing they pay her on time) – wants you to understand that she’s not fully responsible:

Dear UO Colleague – 

We recently learned that you did not receive your expected end-of-September pay.  For this I am deeply sorry.  

We take pay issues very seriously and recognize that this issue may have created financial challenges for you.  It is also not what any of us should expect from the University. Please accept my sincere apology on behalf of the institution for the challenges that we had with your September pay.

At the moment, our main focus is on ensuring that all remaining pay issues are resolved as quickly as possible.  Once this work is done, we will be reviewing our pay processes in depth to better understand where the problems occurred. 

Many units are responsible for steps along the pay process, including departments, schools and colleges, regional business hubs, human resources and business affairs payroll.  We plan to analyze the collective process to identify what factors contributed to the delay in pay this past month in order to correct these issues and avoid problems like this in the future. 

On a personal note, if you encountered any late fees or penalties (e.g., credit card penalties, mortgage penalties) due to the delay in pay, please let us know.  If you send documentation of the penalty or late fee to Kelly Wolf at [email protected], we will reimburse you for these charges.

Again, please accept our apologies for this issue. 


Jamie Moffitt

Senior Vice President for Finance & Administration and CFO

University of Oregon 

[email protected]



  1. New Year Cat 10/12/2023

    Two words: centralized services.

  2. honest Uncle Gangsta 10/13/2023

    I wonder if that is why Summit Bank stock has done poorly lately:

    googl ‘sbko stock’

    • UO Matters Post author | 10/13/2023

      Macro trends. No one would accuse SB CEO Paul Weinhold of not doing a good job for his bank’s investors, though they might wonder whether he really deserves a second full-time salary for running the UO Foundation.

  3. honest Uncle Gangsta 10/13/2023

    Yes, Summit has done very well for its investors since the great recession, but not the past 5 yrs. Not surprising given the performance of the UO Foundation?

  4. Anonymous 10/20/2023

    Is this at all surprising from an institution that now expects employees to wait 61 business days from departmental approval to be reimbursed for business travel expenses? Where do we get reimbursed for penalties, late fees, and interest for floating the university travel expense costs for three months?

    • UO Matters Post author | 10/20/2023

      You’re supposed to email Kelly Wolf with your receipts and he will make sure you’re reimbursed. Kelly is a very efficient person and I have faith in him, although it seems strange that he got stuck with fixing a problem well below his pay grade. Maybe our VPFA should hire another consulting firm to take care of this?

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