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UO Admin to deduct 3’55” from faculty paychecks for October’s annular eclipse

Last updated on 10/18/2023

The official Johnson Hall announcement from Around the 0:

“You slackers are supposed to put in a full 8-hour day, and there’s no way an eclipse counts as day. No sun, no day. It’s in Genesis. BTW check your pay statement – we also docked you a half-day for September, because the 16th was a Saturday and we don’t know anyone who works on Saturdays – except maybe Jamie at her side gig. Doesn’t matter to us Deans and VPs of course, since we’re all on 12 month contracts.”

One Comment

  1. Researcher worked for free for three months 10/23/2023

    Har har har. More of the same. When I was hired back in 1991, I didn’t get paid for three months. The department bookkeeper was starting a drive to collect some $ so I could pay my bills. I am not making this up.

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