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UO Strategic Communications issues RFP for Fragrance Branding Campaign

Request for Proposal (RFP): University of Oregon Fragrance Branding Campaign

Organization: University of Oregon

Issued Date: 10/20/2023

Proposal Due Date: 11/14/2023

1. Introduction & Background

The University of Oregon (UO) boasts a storied history filled with academic achievements, unforgettable campus experiences, and a truly unique culture. In an effort to encapsulate the sometimes quirky and nostalgic memories associated with the UO experience, we are seeking to craft a fragrance inspired by some of the most distinct aromas on our campus: the musk of locker rooms, the earthiness of moldy classrooms, a hint of asbestos, and the familiar aroma of marijuana.

Our aim is to develop a fragrance branding campaign that resonates with nostalgic memories, reminds alumni donors of their transformative years at UO, and intrigues prospective students, thereby driving increased enrollment.

2. Project Scope

The selected agency will be tasked with:

  1. Research & Development: Conducting surveys and focus groups to understand the emotional connection alumni and students associate with these scents.
  2. Fragrance Development: Working with perfumers to craft a balanced, enticing signature UO scent.
  3. Branding & Packaging: Designing a packaging that reflects UO’s rich heritage and vibrancy.
  4. Marketing Strategy: Creating a campaign targeting alumni and potential students, emphasizing nostalgia and connection.
  5. Product Distribution: Ensuring availability at campus stores, alumni events, and online.
  6. Post-launch Analysis: Evaluating the campaign’s success and its impact on enrollment and alumni engagement.

3. Proposal Requirements

Proposals must include:

  1. Agency Overview: History, size, and previous similar projects.
  2. Campaign Strategy: Outline your approach, timeline, and milestones.
  3. Team Structure: Detail the roles and responsibilities of team members.
  4. Budget Breakdown: Provide a detailed estimate for the entire campaign.
  5. Portfolio: Past campaigns, especially those related to fragrance branding.
  6. References: At least three references from past clients.

4. Selection Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated based on:

  1. Experience: Proven track record in fragrance branding and marketing.
  2. Creativity: Unique approaches to encapsulating UO’s essence.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: Best value for UO’s investment.
  4. Alignment: Understanding and connection to UO’s brand and culture.


The University of Oregon believes that through this campaign, we can tap into a unique branding opportunity that will further solidify our position as an iconic institution. We look forward to partnering with an agency that shares our vision and can bring this unique project to fruition.

Note: The use of marijuana is federally illegal, although it is legal for recreational use in the state of Oregon. It’s important that the campaign adheres to state and federal laws and does not promote illegal activities or usage among students or the community.


  1. honest Uncle Gangsta 10/21/2023

    They have finally found a worthy project for the Knight Campus!

  2. Inquiring minds 10/22/2023

    I got it. Franz bakery bread cooking

  3. Anonymous 10/22/2023

    At this moment university scientists are furiously striving to fine tune the aromatic essence of Phil Knight’s wallet. Application testing methods have included a little dab behind each ear, walking through an airborne spritz, and in current beta mode, an electric atomizer subtly wafting the scent throughout Johnson Hall. It will be called “Legacy.”

  4. Darby 10/23/2023

    Omfg. I so glad to have retired and am no longer affiliated with this foolish organization

  5. LittleSkitterFootedScarab 10/23/2023

    Given the foot note I’m guessing dank is not a welcome addition to the mix.

  6. Fishwrapper 10/23/2023

    Brilliant. (Though I fail to understand why equine fecal matter was not on the list of inspired by…)

  7. Daniel Taylor 10/24/2023

    For the older donors: The aroma of a thousand rank panties wafting from the windows of Carson.

  8. Dean Kaufman 10/24/2023

    Easy. Williams bakery + Weyerhaeuser pulp mill.

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