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How many students does UO have this year?

Last updated on 11/09/2023

The PR flacks at Around the O aren’t telling. Their story here has VP for Enrollment Roger Thompson boasting about near record freshmen enrollment, but gives no numbers for total enrollment and not much other detail. Meanwhile Jon Boeckenstedt, VP for Enrollment at Oregon’s flagship university OSU is quoted on OPB, reporting a new record and many detailed stats:

Oregon State has 36,636 students enrolled, up 1,397 students, or 4% over last year.

Ecampus, OSU’s online education offering, continues to be the lead contributor to enrollment growth, rising 7% to 11,430 students this fall. Ecampus enrollment has increased more than 40% in the past five years.

Enrollment on the Corvallis campus increased 2.5% to 24,188 students this fall. At OSU-Cascades in Bend, enrollment climbed to 1,313, up 3.3% from last year.

Enrollment of students outside of Oregon jumped 8.3% this fall to 15,561. The top 5 states from which Oregon State enrolls students are California (4,373), Washington (2,634), Texas (744), Colorado (722) and Hawaii (554).

Fall enrollment at Oregon State includes 10,557 students of color, an increase of 547 students and a 5.3% increase over last year. Students of color now make up nearly 30% of OSU’s enrollment.

Oregon State’s fall 2023 enrollment also includes:

5,601 graduate students, an increase of 4% from last year. Of those, 1,900, or 33.9%, are Oregon residents.
7,209 first-generation undergraduates, or 24% of enrollment, an increase of almost 6% from last year.
1,971 students in the Honors College, or 6.6% of all undergraduates – a 18.4% increase in students over 2022.
8,876 transfer students, a decrease of 1.2% from last fall.
2,213 international students, a 5.3% decrease from fall 2022.
1,527 veterans, a decrease of 1.5% from last fall.
At OSU-Cascades, there were increases in the enrollment of Oregon residents (1,012, a 2.3% increase); students of color (282, 5.2% increase) and graduate students (255, 10.4% increase). More details about enrollment at OSU-Cascades can be found here.

First-time students from high school increased at the Corvallis and Bend campuses (2.7% and 10.3%, respectively) and Ecampus (11.4%) from last fall.

The average GPA of new Oregon State students from high school enrolling on the Corvallis and Bend campuses is 3.76, which has increased steadily from 3.64 in 2018. Of OSU’s entering freshmen, four are National Merit award winners and 40 are Presidential Scholars, Oregon State’s most prestigious scholarship award.

Engineering remains the most popular area of study at Oregon State. The College of Engineering has 11,014 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled this fall. The next largest colleges are Liberal Arts, 5,026 students; Business, 4,928; Science, 4,166; Agricultural Sciences, 3,032; and Health, 2,096.

Enrollments in other colleges and programs are College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, 1,297; College of Forestry, 1,292; Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs, 784; University Exploratory Studies, 733; College of Education, 597; Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine, 334; and College of Pharmacy, 294.

The most popular undergraduate majors at Oregon State are computer science, followed by business administration, psychology, general engineering and mechanical engineering. General engineering is a program for entering undergraduates in the College of Engineering who will later select a specific engineering major.


  1. honest Uncle Bernie 11/09/2023

    Dunno about enrollment but I hear that OSU now has higher SAT scores, and is now rated by USNews as more selective than UO.

    You can be sure we would be hearing about any good news.

    UO admin must be very nervous, assuming they are not just oblivious.

    But, Scholz just keeps putting out this strange blissed out tranq talk about “belonging, climate, culture.”

    At least he will keep the GEs happy until the term is finished, right?

    • Honest Uncle Abe 11/13/2023

      That’s why my sibling who went to Oregon State is working for Fred Meyer and my other sibling who went to Oregon works for Oracle.

  2. thedude 11/09/2023

    UO needs to invest heavily in computer and data science to make up for our STEM gap. But like 20 years ago. Or just keep hoping that joining the Big 10 will fix our enrollment…

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