Are you rooting for Phil Knight’s Ducks or Jerry Falwell’s Liberty U?

No disrespect to the Jesus of Lynchburg but if I cared enough to watch I’d go with Uncle Phil on this one – although the Eugene Weekly notes some similarities:

Now the Ducks will face the Liberty University Flames in the Fiesta Bowl. Sounds like a mismatch, yes? But consider: Liberty, founded by right-wing Christian zealot Jerry Falwell, was accused by the Department of Education this fall of creating an atmosphere of fear around reporting sexual violence on campus, concealing a football player’s past sexual assaults and threatening women who filed charges with expulsion. You may recall that the UO’s response to a student who said she was raped by three basketball players a few years ago was to use her private medical records against her. And, more recently, a group of women students filed suit against the UO for sex discrimination in sports under Title IX. Bottom line? Both campuses worship revenue sports more than morality or the law. A perfect match.

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2 Responses to Are you rooting for Phil Knight’s Ducks or Jerry Falwell’s Liberty U?

  1. Fishwrapper says:

    I’m always rooting for The Eugene Weekly…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Even a superficial study of Liberty-adjacent evangelicals will show pretty clearly that the loser will likely be the team that God hates. (But be very careful, cuz the devil wears cleats on those cloven hooves.)