First, lets replace all the lawyers with AI

And the PR flacks too. How long until President Scholz does the same?

The WSJ has the story:

… Rosário sat down in front of his computer back in June and described the bill he wanted in a sentence. A perfectly-crafted law with eight articles came back, including a clause Rosário had never thought of: if the water authority didn’t replace the stolen meter within 30 days the property owner would be exempt from paying their bill. 

… The idea isn’t to replace all politicians and public servants, just some of them, he said with a grin. He cited, for example, the city hall’s public-relations assistants down the hall who write news releases like the one ChatGPT just churned out. “There must be 20 or 30 of them—they probably won’t be needed in the future, well, to be honest, they’re already no longer needed.”

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5 Responses to First, lets replace all the lawyers with AI

  1. Anonymous says:

    AI systems will truly be indistinguishable from people the day they start turning on each other.

  2. thedude says:

    No discussion of our merit raises which ended up being ATB raises with a day tax on our time to justify it and then 4 years of merit equates to 0..1 difference in one’s raise?

    • Ass Prof says:

      You should change your handle to Jeffrey Lebowski because The Dude didn’t really care so much about money. But the UO Matters commentator “the dude” has every comment griping about pay!