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Harvard’s PR Flacks blame Harvard’s Lawyers

by leaking their version of how Pres Gay botched her Congressional testimony to the Harvard Crimson.

Yes I know the only people at UO who care about this are the Harvard alumni, and the people like me who only got into places like Columbia:


  1. honest Uncle Bernie 12/29/2023

    People at UO should care. Higher Ed is going to be rocked by this, maybe all the way to little UO. DEI is collapsing. The woke/Jew hatred nexus is exposed in all its ugliness. Our president Scholz keeps making inane attempts at even-handed statements, wanting to keep both factions on campus somehow quiescent. To our credit, neither Eugene nor UO has really disgraced itself so far — unlike the very disgraced Eastern elite schools. At least the value of higher ed remains beyond question — right?

    • thedude 12/29/2023

      Will DEI collapse, or will it expand to have a special Jewish office/club/safe space on campus? Academia usually expands bureaucracy to deal with problems instead of ever reducing it.

      • honest Uncle Bernie 01/02/2024

        Good question. My guess is the woke/antisemitic/Israel-Hamas dynamic will make this impossible. And look at the many pro-Hamas attacks on Christian festivities during the holidays. My sense is there a huge rethinking going on in the Jewish community. The ousting of Gay at Harvard is just the beginning of the dismantling of DEI/woke, is my guess.

        I don’t know how this will play out at Oregon. Scholz will do everything he can to appease everyone.

        I wonder if Phil will weigh in? No idea.

  2. CSN 12/30/2023

    What do you mean by “woke/Jew hatred nexus”?

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