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Does anyone know what Tim Inman did for UO to earn $210K?

Last updated on 05/30/2024

It’s a serious question. I have no idea, and “creativity, political and strategic acumen, and wise counsel” is the kind of thing your boss writes when he’s not sure either.

Dear colleagues,
I am writing to announce that Tim Inman, vice president for government and community relations and university secretary, will be leaving the University of Oregon to take a role with the Ford Family Foundation as their new chief policy and public affairs officer. Tim has been an integral part of the university’s leadership team, bringing creativity, political and strategic acumen, and wise counsel to the positions he has held at the university. Tim joined the UO as the chief of staff to the provost in 2019. In 2021, he was appointed as university secretary to the UO Board of Trustees and advisor to the president. Tim also assumed responsibility for government and community relations in 2023.
The university has launched a search for a new university secretary and advisor to the president. Jamie Moffitt, senior vice president for finance and administration and chief financial officer, will chair the search committee.
We invite members of the UO community to share this opportunity with their networks and, if interested and qualified, to consider applying. Application review begins on June 4. The university secretary is responsible for board meeting preparation, records retention, relationship building, and strategic planning, and is the custodian of university policies enacted by the board or the president of the university. The secretary also serves as an advisor to the president and key administrative staff member, managing projects and initiatives, providing strategic counsel, and representing the president as directed.
Tim’s last day with the university will be July 31, 2024, which should afford time to select his successor and ensure a smooth transition.
Please join me in expressing my sincere thanks to Tim for his dedication to hard work in support of our board of trustees, government affairs function, and the president’s office. We wish him the best in his new role.
Karl Scholz


  1. Anon 05/28/2024

    Convince the legislature to give all the new money to OSU and the TRUs.

  2. Deb B 06/01/2024

    In my experience, admittedly limited, he did a ton of relationship building, guiding the president on important issues, keeping the board on track, and advising on legislation. He understands more than the majority on how to get things done in the state. He was likely one of the most hard working and intelligent people in the administration. The job required him to do such a broad range of things where you need someone adaptable that can handle whatever pops up and needs taking care of. So I’d say the job description makes sense. After working with him briefly, I admired the hell out of him, deservedly so. This is a loss for UO and the president’s office. Good luck, Tim. It was a pleasure.

    • uomatters 06/02/2024

      Anything specific?

  3. caufee 06/04/2024

    Request of Scholz:

    I’m getting tired of these emails. The loss of an administrator just marks another opportunity for you all to raise your own wages, and these emails are constant reminders. (Read the room much?) The only thing worse is that there are even more emails about new administrators being hired. Bloat. So much bloat.

    How about a similarly laudatory and regretful goodbye every time you choose not to retain a faculty member on their departure? If it’s too many to juggle, maybe just those who leave to worse places for more money?

    Just a thought.

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