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UO’s well paid strategic communicators won’t mention Gaza protests

It used to be that UO’s daily press email included a link to pretty much every news story that mentioned UO, good or bad. For example under Pres Gottfredson we got links to the local and national stories about the basketball rape allegations, the Me Too demonstration, and even this far from flattering Chronicle story about Gottfredson himself.
Read these emails now, and you’d have no idea our students are camped in front of Johnson Hall protesting what’s happening in Gaza, in the same sort of encampment that has led to violent police responses at other universities. Also nothing at Around the 0:
Sort of makes you wonder what else President Scholz’s administration is hiding. It used to be that the RG and the Oregonian had reporters dedicated to higher ed, now the only regular coverage is in the Daily Emerald – and UO’s communications office doesn’t even link to stories by UO’s students.
Subject: UO Media Mentions: May 20, 2024
Date: May 20, 2024 at 9:31:21 AM PDT
Reply-To: Molly Blancett <[email protected]>
Here’s a look at the most recent media mentions for the University of Oregon. Please note: some media sources may require a subscription to view. If you don’t see media mentions in your inbox, check your junk folder and select “not junk.”


Where Page Six Meets ’12 Angry Men’

The New York Times | 146,090,372 unique visitors per month

“It’s got pop culture references, high-profile personality-slash-celebrity references, it has pornography as a backdrop,” University of Oregon journalism professor Whitney Phillips said.

What Happens to Your Coffee As It Sits, and the Science Behind It

Serious Eats | 8,194,615 unique visitors per month

Christopher Hendon, an associate professor of chemistry at the University of Oregon and co-author of the book “Water for Coffee: Science Story Manual,” says that the specific compounds you lose over time depend on the coffee itself, but you’re generally losing aromatics (the things that make coffee smell good)

Jet-propelled sea animals’ motion could aid submarine efficiency

Interesting Engineering | 2,792,546 unique visitors per month

Led by biologist Kelly Sutherland, scientists at the University of Oregon found that gelatinous sea animals swim in corkscrew shapes using jet propulsion, inspiring potential advancements in underwater vehicle tech.


America’s gain, Africa’s loss: Sandra Mefoude, French Studies and impact an African scholar makes at Dartmouth College

The Guardian (Nigeria) | 1,614,851 unique visitors per month

Sandra Mefoude holds a Ph.D. in French studies from the UO.


  1. Heaven_decafs 05/20/2024

    Yes, I was shocked to see photos of the encampment in front of Johnson Hall posted on social media when I had heard nothing about this from local news outlets. It appeared the students were attempting to take over the building or chain themselves to it or something. This seems like a story!

  2. Eric Blair 05/20/2024

    Saying nothing about a massive month-long protest and encampment is so difficult that there is endless scope for well-paid advice on how to do it.

  3. honest Uncle Bernie 05/22/2024

    I wonder if it could have anything to do with student and donor relations. As well as a general desire to keep the issue as quiet as possible. Nothing in it for UO. Scholz is being smart.


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