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UO Board chair Steve Holwerda excited to hear a speaker demand that his Board do something that they can actually do

Peace in the Middle East is so hard they give out Nobel peace prizes for participation. In comparison getting UO faculty pay back on the path to average just requires that President Scholz make the easy call to fire a few AVP’s and Ass Deans of this-and-that to cut administrative bloat back to its pre-covid level.

Here Math Prof Chris Sinclair explains to the UO Trustees why he thinks the faculty will strike if the Board and President Scholz continue to blow us off. Click the image for video:


  1. honest Uncle Bernie 06/04/2024

    A really astute putdown of the 1979 Camp David Accords Nobel Peace Prize shared by Begin and Sadat for the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. A real nothingburger, especially compared to the huge accomplishments of the typical typical Nobel Peace Prize, or later failures in Mideast diplomacy.

  2. Joe 06/05/2024

    I’m happy to see the union get serious about fixing our salary problems. Does anyone know what’s happening in the Senate with the administration’s plan to make faculty scab during a strike?

  3. MarkusM 06/25/2024

    Steve Holwerda needs to go!

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