Huskies boast their subsidies are smaller than Rob Mullens’s

But Mullens claims the Ducks get no subsidies. At least they’re arguing over the right thing. Someday the PAC-12 ADs may even start doing something to help out their universities with that new TV revenue.

Just kidding, we know they’ll spend it all on raises for themselves. Adam Jude has the story in the Seattle Times, here.

Speaking of subsidies, rumor has it that I finally raised enough stink about Rob Mullens hijacking the $5M Robin Jaqua gift. He’s returned it to the academic side, which means we save $200,000 a year on the $2.2M cost of subsidizing the Jock Box athlete-only tutoring. Baby steps, but I hope this is true. We’ll know more when the UO Senate revisits the anti-subsidy motions this fall.

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  1. Duckduckgo says:

    ADs should have an “anti-bonus” of ~1% of general fund subsidies to the athletic department. Something, anything, to help them recognize that money is much less free for all the students paying tuition and fees in support of the athletic department.

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