Big raises at UO – for insider administrators

4/28/2011:  You can make quite a bit of money in academia, as long as your job does not involve teaching students or doing research.

We wrote last year about UO General Counsel Randy Geller’s big raise: As GC, Melinda Grier had been paid $184,710 – this was after 12 years in the job. Randy Geller was hired as an insider, at $200,000 a year to start.

The latest administrative raise tops that, by far. Retiring Alumni Director Dan Rodriguez was paid $100,989.  The new director, Tim Clevenger, will get $170,000.

But the big payoff is getting a job with the UO Foundation. The Oregon Attorney General’s office has given us their most recent filings. They are for the fiscal year ending in June, 2009. Why so old? Because our foundation runs out the IRS extensions, to delay having to reveal how much they are paying their executives. The numbers for 2008-2009 are here:

Karen Kreft was a former CEO who left under mysterious circumstances – looks they paid her a year’s severance. And Jay Namyet, the interim CEO, got over $300,000 in total compensation. The new CEO is Paul Weinhold. Any bets on what he is earning? They have to release that by May 15, and we will post it.

So what do these people do to earn this sort of money? They hire consultants to do the work:

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2 Responses to Big raises at UO – for insider administrators

  1. hitch says:

    Re: consultant expense. Jacobson helps higher education institutions develop fundraising strategies. We need our best foot forward. SUNGARD, that one is easy. We feed the beast that is Banner our ‘integrated’ administrative suite solution: student, finance, and payroll. We bought a resource glutton and to own this database we pay, and pay, and pay, and upgrade, and upgrade, and upgrade – thanks OUS. Gleaves, Swearingen, Potter LLP. They are linked to the same “town and gown” organizations as many of our chief administrators, (six degrees of separation). Their web page link to the UO shows a classroom with Gleaves name on it. We are in and of a very small clannish city. Is it any wonder Faculty go to PDX to find employment attorneys able and willing to stand up to the UO? Finally Moss Adams, well they sort us when Banner and knowing better fail.

  2. Anonymous says:

    UO Matters said: “Karen Kreft was a former CEO who left under mysterious circumstances.” Karen Kreft did not leave under mysterious circumstances. She had cancer, and you know it — because I told you. Grow up, will you!! Or are you channeling Donald Trump?