Pernsteiner is uncomfortable, UO is fucked

5/7/2011: OUS Chancellor George Pernsteiner, PhD, is raising objections to the new EMU – student rec plan. From Greg Bolt in the RG:

… The UO plan calls for major renovations and expansions to the Erb Memorial Union, the central gathering place for students and student organizations, and the Student Recreation Center. Financing for the project includes money previously set aside and money expected to be raised by donations, but the bulk of financing would come from bonds that will be paid off by imposing a new building fee on students.

In a departure from standard practice, the UO wants to begin levying a portion of those fees beginning this fall, at least three years before the new facilities would be complete. That means several classes of students would have to pay the fees even though they would not get to use the buildings because they will have graduated before work is complete. …
Pernsteiner had the strongest misgivings about the fee plan. He said such fees simply aren’t allowed in many states and charging students for buildings they won’t get to use is a question of fairness. 
“It makes me very uncomfortable,” he said. “It’s a question of generational equity.”
When George Pernsteiner – a guy who has a state mansion *and* a $26,000 housing allowance, and who spends student tuition and state tax money on maid service for his kids and his own morning croissant and latte – is uncomfortable, we are all fucked.
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One Response to Pernsteiner is uncomfortable, UO is fucked

  1. Anonymous says:

    When Pernsteiner can figure out what financial accountability and responsibility is, then he can open his mouth. If he had done any actual research into the EMU project then he’d know that it is more costly over time to continue doing maintenance and quick fixes on an old building than it is to modernize it by rebuilding. Maybe Pernsteiner is worried that he might have to go out of his way to get his morning coffee and pastry that he charges students for.